Monday, September 25, 2006

Getting Messed-Up In September

Do you remember my friend Joette who makes the beautiful jewellry, and sells it on Ebay?
If you have been following regulary you will remember her daughter Jocey was a lung transplant recipient, like my good friend Wendy.

Well September is a particularly hard month for Joette and me.
September marks the anniversary of the Memorial Services held at Toronto General Hospital for Jocey's passing. Then this September we lost Wendy.

This year Joette has been recovering from carpal tunnel surgery, and I have been going through some medical changes, so I have noticed that Joette and I, who are usually much brighter little stars in our own little world have kinda not been our best. I speak for my self when I can say I have been feeling a little poopy.

In the past weeks it has been discovered that I am losing more nerves in my body. So what ever is happening to me(which we still don't know what the cause is) is now progressive, and this brings to light that several of the choices of what event caused all this, and the prognosises are not very good.

I am not much for feeling sorry for myself, and I know Joette is the same. But I noticed that she and I got much quieter this September. Whether it is a forced quiet from some outside forces.... or our loss of some energy while we have been recovering from the new medical things in our lives... I think it is obvious to those that know us, that we are not quite on the top of our heaps these days.

I was so happy to have a nice surprise in my mail box today. With a lovely thank you note attached:

Dear Lynn,

I hope all is well in your corner of the world as this card reaches you.

I have enclosed a crystal neckace I made for you. It is Swarovski Amethyst crystal and their silver crystal. I really wanted to make something special for you so I hope you like it.

I've enjoyed getting to know you and I follow your family's exploits through your blog. I have appreciated the time and attention your've given to Jocelyn's and my own story. It is so important to me that people remember Jocelyn, so you've really helped me.

I hope this necklace will remind you that you've touched our lives.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated


Joette Kruger

This little note and the beautiful gift that came with it, really lifted me up.

I am facing a rough week with a nerve conduction study on my legs on Wednesday, and having anesthetic injected into my spine and brain on Thursday. Two days in one week of events like that takes its toll on me. I am already more tired than usual these days, so I am just not looking forward to the rest of the week.

A surprise like this wonderful necklace has just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Thank you so much for the lovely gift Joette! I will charish this! I am a crystal nut! I would rather have Swarovski crystal than diamonds! Gems are not my thing. But crystal for me feels like it has more energy in it than a diamond. I think it is because every part of the stone itself represents craft. The energy of the person that made it is within the crystal. The colours and the cuts are so much more diversive than precious gems. This gift makes my third piece of Joette Kruger's in my collection. I have a beautiful Ruby and silver set, and a cloudy quartz and crystal set as well. So when I get crafted crystals in beautifully designed and handmade pieces with them in it, it is even more special to me. And this surprise is amazing. Thank you!

I rarely ever wear a precious gems. I wear silver jewellry with crystals and semi-precious stones, and I like to change up my rings. So I have several rings for each finger, yet I may only wear one or two pieces at a time.
My whole jewellry wardrobe is not too expensive, yet for me it is priceless. Each piece is special and like my blog.... always has a story to go with it.

I have put a set of photos up of the new necklace. I have never had a necklace before with the little heart clasp with the bridel rod to go through it. The little bridel rod even has a little baby heart on it!

If you wish to see Joette's Online Jewellry Gallery you can click on the link in my sidebar or at the bottom of this post.

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    charles ravndal said...

    That is a lovely post Lynn. Well, my thoughts are always with you and also to Jocelyn as well. Lovely necklace! Amethyst is actually my birthstone

    Jules said...


    All my best thoughts are with you this month - it's really been a tough one, hasn't it. You are lucky to have such a friend...

    Osquer said...

    How lovely. And amethyst for healing, too! I'm so sorry you're having a rough time!

    Amethyst is my favorite stone and not just because it's my birthstone. I love semi-precious stones. Another favorite of mine is tiger's eye which is for courage! Brave heart, Lynn! (((hugs!))) for you and Joette and you families!

    RheLynn said...

    beautiful work. I hope you are feeling better soon, and our best wishes for your friend as well.