Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Show Us Your Fridge!

if you take the challenge make sure you drop me an email to let me know

Do you have an immaculate Fridge Door, or is your Fridge Door full of "Flash"?

There is a saying that says you can look into a person's personality if you see their fridge.

Are you proud of your fridge? Do you have a great collection of magnets? Have you painted your fridge to be more nonconformist? Are you proud of your Children's or Grand Children's artwork or homework? Does your fridge scream, "This is me!"

Are you an immaculate housekeeper? Did you just get yourself a really cool fridge, that you longed for and saved for?

If you think your fridge is dull and boring......Fear NOT! You can always open the fridge and show us the inside!

This One-Time Blogroll is a chance for all of us to come out of our shell and show a piece of our personality by way of an object in our kitchen. I think this task will prove to be quite fun!

Ok, so what do you do once you have your fridge photo up?
You put up the cute little, lame GIF I made up and wait for everyone to come take a look.

Copy and Paste the red code so you can get your GIF and LINK:

?div styleEQUALS"text-align: center;">?a onblurEQUALS"try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" hrefEQUALS"">?img styleEQUALS"margin: 0px auto 10px; display: block; text-align: center; cursor: pointer; width: 320px;" srcEQUALS"" altEQUALS"" borderEQUALS"0" />?/a>
?div styleEQUALS"text-align: center;">?a hrefEQUALS"">Click Here for Blogroll?/a>


Oh and of course you have to go visit everyone's blog to see their fridge.
Then please comment on what you see.

The commentor's task is to decide the personality of the Fridge Owner, from the photo posted.

When is this happening?

The official Date has passed.
But so many people have taken on the challenge at any ole time now, just add your name to the list. Drop me an email and I will have a look.
If you want to make your own official challenge date, let me know and I will gather the troops to participate again!


How do I join the blogroll?

Just add your name to the Mr. Linky at the bottom of my page.
(you can get your own free Mister Linky too!)

How about if I am not a blogger and want to participate?

If you are not a blogger and want us to show your fridge photo, then you can email ME a Flickr Url of your photo. You can click the Flickr link to get your free Flickr account. I won't accept emails with photos in them, just the Flickr url for your photo. Make sure you tell me who you are so I can title your photo. (My email is in the sidebar)

If you don't want to submit a photo, then you can just comment. If you are not participating by posting a fridge photo in your blog Please do not add yourself to anyone's Mr. Linky.



Lynn said...

When you place your code and change the ? and the = you can test it.

You should permalink to the page on my blog with the announcment, you are commenting on now.

On the 18th I will go back to this permalink and remove the excess words from the page and you will have the linky list, we all have added to today, as the blogroll.

Mother of Invention said...

You have such cool ideas on this site! I'd participate but I'm not tech savvy and it takes my husband so much time to even download pics from my camera. I'm terrible at following instructions too. I just can get links onto my site and some pics for my blog.

Lynn said...


I can always talk you through the process in email. I am not a geek so I will use terms like gizmo and thingy.
If you decide to take a picture you can email me and I can tell you how to get it out of the camera and how to put the gizmo I made on your page.
The gizmo part is pretty easy. I even have a copy of the real one without the replacements that can come to you via email. (it just cannot go on a blog page because the blog wants to read it like a command)
It is not hard to do seeing you use blogger too.
I don't think I could venture to try to explain it to someone who uses a different blog sourse.
I am not that good...!

If you are not up for it then you HAVE to be a commentor/analyst for us on Monday. What better person to try to pick our personalities than a teacher!

Killired said...

of course i will participate! sounds fun... i already have an inside pix of my fridge posted on an old wordless wednesday... doesnt look like that anymore though!

Pixiepincessmom said...

Thought I'd forget didn't cha???

*whew* Upon first mention I thought you wanted to see the INSIDE of my fridge & trust me, no one wants to see that mess. Thank goodness you only wanted to see the clutter outside.

I played along & have a picture of my fridge up.

Lynn said...

Hey Pixie,

Can you put it up again on Monday. Monday is the day we are doing the challenge.

SunshineBlues said...

I am working on the code now. Will post on MOnday. Is it ok if I smudge the faces of the pictures on my fridge. Really don't want those to get out!

Teena said...

It didn't work so I'll check back on Monday.

Shelly said...

I posted my fridge last month...but here is the link...sort of like looking in the medicine cabinet

Matthew Evans said...
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Matthew Evans said...
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