Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Jonathan and Robert's New House

When we travelled to the Ottawa Valley for Wendy's services, we took a time out to see our great friends Jonathan and Robert. If you have been following this blog for a long time you might remember Jonathan from a slideshow which featured my colleagues of Young Drivers National Trainers, and there are pics in that slideshow of Jonathan, Robert and Paul at my 40th birthday party.

Jonathan and I joined Young Drivers of Canada at the same time. He was training to be a Standard Vehicle Instructor, when I was training to be an Automatic Vehicle Instructor.

Jonathan has just changed jobs and is doing research and statistics which is his learned field of study.

Jonathan and I became fast friends. Our families have tried to see eachother as much as possible. Which isn't very much. Our lives have all been busy. Robert is Jonathan's Partner.
We all now share a common friend named Paul as well.

Robert, Jonathan, and Paul are on Carl and my list of the absolutely nicest people, and most interesting people we know. Carl has very similar intrests to the guys. Music, movies, new technology....

So we flashed a few emails back and forth just before we headed out to Ottawa. What Carl and I didn't know was that we connected with the guys immediately at the moment they had just returned from a big road-trip holiday to the Niagara Penninsula. On a tangent of the trip they actually were just north of our home in Innisville, and passed by our street on an outing with another friend. We arrived in Arnprior on Saturday afternoon, and called them as soon as we got settled. We planned to get together and go out for dinner.

We went to their favourite Restaurant. It is East Side Mario's. This is a franchise. And we have to tell you that all East Side Mario's are not alike. This East Side Mario's, in the airport area of Ottawa was fabulous!

The food was amazing and the service was the best!
We ate ourselves into a very relaxed state.

Then we went back to Jonathan and Robert's to relax and visit.

Their new home is really nice. It is a perfect size for a couple. They are going room by room redecorating and renovating. They have done a beautiful job with the house.

You can tell the guys are relaxed here. Looks like they all could use a nap.
That's what all the driving does to you. Long hours on the road.

Carl always has to check out the cool tunes!
Robert is telling us about how the giant aquarium broke and flooded the new livingroom carpet and the basement.
We all have those horror stories as homeowners.
We know exactly how that feels!

It really wasn't that dark in there, but I wanted to show off the candles.

Robert and Jonathan introduced us to their bunny named Cadbury.

Jonathan described her as the personality of a cat and fun to play with like a dog.
Cadbury is litter trained and gets to come out and play every evening.
Here she is playing with her chew stick.

She relaxed quickly in the presence of new people.

She is called Cadbury cuz she has a cute caramel (kara-mell not Kar-mell) stripe in the centre!
Isn't her tail cute!


charles ravndal said...

What a cute bunny! Btw, is one of the guys on the picture single? lol!

RheLynn said...

She really is cute - and has wonderful markings! What a good, well-adjusted bunny to lay like that in front of new people - it means she is comfortable!

Candy Minx said...

What a special little trip, I ike your notes on it. I love Caramel the bunny. We used to have a pet rabbit, Alchemy, he was wild he used to chase our two cats and box them right up on his hind legs and box the cats. Rabbits are somewaht intelligent and have great personalities!

Lynn said...

Sorry Charles,

All the guys are taken.
Our single Gay friend is Paul.
He has a thing for Filipinos though.
He is a banker.
But rumour has it he may have a someone special in his life....