Friday, September 15, 2006

In Honour of My Grandparents

My Grandparents were a big part of my life, until they passed away.
My Grandmother, May Wilson (nee Stevens), Lived in Pennsilvania as a child, then She, her Mom, and her Sister came to live in Ontario. My Grandmother studied at art and design college in the US. The girls were in their late teens.
It just so happens that her family moved in next door to my Grandfather's family.

The day my Grandfather first laid eyes upon my Grandmother, he told his brother, "That is the woman I am going to marry."
The two houses that my Grandfather and Grandmother lived in, just happen to be situated on the same street as the home I grew up in too.
Even cooler is that the home that my Grandparents raised My Mom and her Sister in was at the top of the street.

This is not an uncommon occurrance in the neighbourhood. Even kids I went to school with purchased houses in the neighbourhood when they had families of their own.
Even Carl and I bought a home close by, but we found the pace of the city too much for us, so we decided to move to the countryside and become commuters.

My Grandparents were a great influence in my life. My grandmother came from a long line of Spiritualists. So it was common for her to hold readings and seances and healing sessions in her home.
She was also a very well-known fashion designer.
She designed Wedding party gowns, gloves, hats, and florals.
She was a very talented crafter. She could do anything she put her mind to.
She was very liberated as well. She took woodworking and cabinetmaking courses at a time when it was a male-dominated field.
My Grandmother helped me hone my abilities as a healer and a medium.
My Grandmother taught me how to sew, knit, chrochet, embroider, and bake.
Her skill was perfection.
My Grandfather was a Pathology Technologist.
His tech field was Histology, and he trained Dr.'s in this field at a University Hospital.
He was a swordsman, an Ornathologist(bird watcher), and an Entomologist(bug collector).
He taught me about gardening, general science, and literature, and his interest in photography sparked an intrest in it with me as well.
Both of my Grandparents loved music. My Grandfather was a graceful pianist, and my Grandmother did play the violin when she was young. Where she didnt stimulate me to be the violinist I am today, she did show an interest in my violin studies when I was a young girl.

I am the woman I am today because of the interests my Grandparents' had in my life, and the specialties they taught me.

I am proud of my heritage. I am very proud that I resemble my Grandmother in my looks, and my Son Alex resembles my Grandfather in his build.

My Grandparents and Me

My Mom and Me now.

The familiar profile of my Grandmother on Me

Alex now



RheLynn said...

Very warm and fun post Lynn! The Christmas picture is so cute ;o)

Queenzy said...

Hi Lynn
Sorry it has taken me this long to say thank u for the post U made on my blog. I have been so busy preparing for exams that I dont have time for the internet anymore. Finally I have gained admission into the University to study Linguistics and am so happy but I still have to write one final exam.
Wish me Luck.

Besides, U are a cutie and so is ur mum and grandparents.

I feel sad now that I lost my grand father.

Lynn said...

Hey Queenzy,

I am really proud of the work you have accomplished this year! Taking a break from blogging is sometimes necessary. We will still be here when you get more time! I am so glad you got into the program you wanted.
We are sad for the loss of Amber's Mom too. We know how you feel.
It was a terrible thing.

chumly said...

Made me feel good that I am also a Grandparent. Thanks. Being a Grandparent rocks.

Azuka said...

Hello Lynn,

I'm always happy to see people who have grandparents -- mine on both sides were dead even before I was born.

Someday, I'll be one too -- and I hope I'm remembered...