Sunday, September 17, 2006

Show Us Your Fridge!

Today is Challenge Day!
My photos are below!

Well I wouldn't ask you to take the challenge if I am not willing to show it all!
So this is my fridge and freezer. They are magnetted to death. When my memory went to the birds after the brain injury I used the fridge as a memory. Had to make magnets out of business cards of all the specialists I ended up getting a million appointments for.....

I clip articles from the paper about the Family's reserve unit and put them on the fridge. There are also home-made magnets of my Son's band and my other Son's training.

Plus there is the infamous "bucket head" photo from when Cam was two. I don't make a habit of letting my kids play with kitchen appliences with heating coils in them every day. This was a special day (lol). Actually I was cleaning the counter after the toaster oven broke, to ready for a new one, and Cameron wanted to see what it looked like inside.

There is a family Holiday photo from three years ago. Plus various souvenir magnets from various vacations. There is also a photo of Mom and Dad with Olympic Hockey Player Vicki Sunohara.

Our fridge will always look like a collage.
Oh and remnants of the velcro lock we used to use on the fridge door when the kids were small. Never took it off, cuz you never know when you might want to mess with someone's mind by making the fridge inaccessable.

There is Patridge Berry Jam on the door. Only Newfies know what that is!

Ok so you need to comment on the type of personality I have from what you see on my fridge!

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Go check out other people's photo and please tell us the personality of the participant based on their fridge in comments!


Teena said...

Looks like a happy active family that isn't concerned that everything is in it's place all the time!

eph2810 said...

And I thought I had a lot of stuff on my fridge - lol...
I like to stick magnets on mine as well.
Great collection you have :)
Have a blessed Monday.

Pixiepincessmom said...

Definately looks like a great display of photos & such. Inside looks neat & tidy too. :-)

Mother of Invention said...

Well stocked fridge, fairly neat inside,big on condiments=likes to cook and take time to enjoy healthy meals. Recipe site=tries out new recipes for variety, Outside of fridge displays discount coupons and contests=wise shopper, many pics of family=proud of family, son playing with pot on head=open-minded mom creative mom,placement of stuff on fridge not all even and straight=not anal about the way things look that much...content way more important,

I'd say you are spunky and have a well-defined personality, you like variety in all you do, you are very proud and supportive of your family,open-minded, willing to take risks to learn new things,you enjoy life to the fullest and take time to make this happen, you are probably pretty happy!

Lynn said...

I wont make final comments on the whole of your comments until the day is over. These are great!
I will tell you My Husband is the coupon hound. I like the idea, but I always forget to thake them with me!

Ron Southern said...

You're a Sponge Bob kinda gal and that's all that's important. Or so my two year nephew would say!

Lisa said...

I'd have to say that you are fun-filled and a busy family. (Who loves to eat, too!) ;-)
I love all the family photos on there- I can tell you adore your family.

RheLynn said...

Hmm.. you're very social and love to entertain/hang out with lots of people? You're also quite sentimental and like things busy busy busy, at least some of the time!

I'm not posting my fridge - it looks like we don't eat, because most of our food is dry (rice, quinoa) or canned, or bought that day. I think there's some lonely jam, mustard and soy sauce in there!

And yes - watch for personality and communication in Candy! She is a tabby - so she'll probably have a strong personality and want to tell you lots of things if you listen!

kitty talk and more

Lynn said...

Well you all have pegged me right. I will give credit to the "weird smell" for making the fridge look organized.
We had one of THOSE weird smells that we just could not find. I cleaned the fridge, then Carl did it. We never did find the smell. Never found a rotten food that caused it. The only thing I can figure is that a bag of fresh milk may have been spilled upon at the grocery store. We had no spoiled milk, yet when the outside bag of that milk disappeared, so did the smell. Everyone in this house cooks. Alex and I experiment more. We like dry and fresh food. Rarely do we eat canned. I freeze alot of food that is left-overs. This way we have some different lunch choices. We all have been busy at times. Now everyone is busy but me. I am busy as I can be for sure. We used to entertain alot. We had guests for dinner every weekend. Now we are just the neighbourhood house with the revolving door. There is no telling how many teens will be in our house at any given time. Our house can be spick and span clean one day and a tornado of disaster the next. We like clean, but tidy is not always necessary, if tidy gets in the way of fun and satisfaction. I am spunky and eclectic. I do like great memories, and I am proud of my family, for sure. I have a strong personality. I seem to take on the ADVISOR role more than necessary. Also in our family's lifetime, Carl and I have switched our roles four times. I realize this type of flexiblity is difficult, and I see this flexibility as a plus for us. I love my home but I am not attached to it. If we had to move tomorrow to a different city or country I would not have problems with it. My husband feels the same. Yet he would have anxiety about the work in volved. I would only have anxiety at the last minute, if I didn't plan well.

Killired said...

i am soooo retarded that i totally forgot about this... sorry... and i've been going crazy for the last half hour trying to find you because i suddenly remembered this but couldn't remember where i saw it! ugh!

Toni said...

How interesting! I ran a similar project a few months ago and I still get some updates from bloggers.


pasion said...

wow! i'd say you are sentimental and food is definitely on your list of priorities! can't let a hungry tummy get in the way of a good time!

i joined toni's project. check out my entry: