Friday, September 01, 2006

I Want To Show You Something Cool!

A few days ago Laurie MSN'd me about a new chat we can put on our blogs.

Laurie was all excited because we can now use our chat devices (MSN, icq etc) to connect our blog to our chat network.

MeeBo is the new tool.
See it there to the right of the post!?

I am still trying to get to know this little baby better.
It allows us net freaks to talk to eachother in real time.

So while you are visiting the blog you can look on my right margin at my MeeBo box and see if I am online.

I am usually online, but I am not always at the keyboard.

Hopefully I will be able to figure out all the quirks and messeges within the next day. These days it takes me a bit of time to let the info seep into my brain.

(Ok, so Laurie helped me out here... If you use my meebo box to chat with me, no one else sees it. It opens a meebo through the meebo site that I can use while doing other stuff. Each person gets a separate box. You can meebo me on MSN. Meaning if you see I am online on my blog you can send me an MSN message via the regular MSN board and MeeBo imports the messeges to my Meebo.)

If you MeeBo your blog we can be on eachothers buddy list and can chat when we are online through our blogs! This is cool. I will have to remember not to swear in my chat.

I am a regular potty-mouthed trucker at times.
Bad influences on the road. heehee.
I am getting better at being prim.

I invite you to browse the world of MeeBo and see for yourself if it is for you.
I am excited to be able to talk to folks who are reading the blog.

I see when they are online because I have a real-time country identifier that shows me what other country is represented by a viewer at the time.
It will be neat to be able to answer questions right then and there!

So if you are shy and don't want to widget your blog, or you are just a voyeur and not a blogger, then please feel free to try out the chat on mine!

Click on this cute MeeBo Icon for more information.

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chumly said...

Ok lynn I'm meeboed.