Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Favourite Commercial

It is so funny that a solely Canadian Island Language has to be subtitled in English.
Newfoundlanders speak English.
But Newfoundlanders have an accent like no other. Their sayings and accent come from a mixture of several coloquialisms of English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish.
If you grow up in a big city like St. John's you have a softer accent and it is easier to understand.
Yet if you live in a small outport your accent will be much twangier and stronger.

The people of Newfoundland are very social and they are the nicest people in Canada. Island culture makes them very easygoing. Enjoy Canada's newest Nissan Commercial!


Tanya said...

You have a great blog, Lynn! Thanks for living such a nice comment on mine!
Hubby and I totally love that Newfoundlander car commercial! He puts up nice and loud every time he sees it on! lol It's hilarious! I've never met or talked to a newfie yet but have heard tons of stories! lol My uncle who is a heavy duty mechanic in the mines hates working with them, mostly because he can't understand a word they are saying! lmao
You have a nice blog, with beautiful photos! Will add you to my blog roll!

hugs, Tans

RennyBA said...

I hate commercials and always zap, but this one was hysterical good though - thanks for sharing!
Btw: Thanks for your nice comment on my wife's guest post about Norwegian mountian experience - the second one is up:-)

RheLynn said...

I remember listening to the band 'Great Big Sea' out of St.Johns- they had a beautiful sound! (I have a mandolin I can't play, but boy -- they made me want to learn all the more!)

Teena said...

I think this commercial is a hoot. I've heard some are offended, though.