Thursday, September 07, 2006

The New Addition To Our Family:
(I have now clicked over 2000 viewers of this blog since June 14th. Thanks everyone!)

Right on the heals of Wendy's death was one of those strange acts of grief that no one can quite explain.
Of course, by now you all know that Alex's girlfriend Amber is Wendy's daughter.
Amber has an older sister named Autumn.

It seems that in a grief stricken moment Autumn came up with the great idea to get Amber a kitten to lessen the blow.
If you have been around the Tucker corral for the last two years you will know that Alex has said, "No!" and resisted with all his testosterone might at the idea of having a kitten to care for while they are poor students.

Alex is highly allergic to cats, so it has not been too tough an argument up until now. Well Alex was railroaded into becoming a kitty parent prematurely whilst at the funeral home, just after closing the casket.
Some will say it was a kiniving act on Autumn's part. Seeing how can Al say 'No' when he has just bore his future mother-in-law upon his shoulder in a pine box?
I don't want to swing the vote either way.(ahem)
I will say it is chalked up to one of those stupid things we do in the grips of grief.
When we left Renfrew they had the kitten in a carrier in the front car. After 5 min of driving they pulled over, loaded the litter box into the carrier and started again. One hour mark we stopped for gas. Aparently the kitty screamed for an hour.
I didn't say the kitty was a bright idea.

I talked to Alex today and he is talking about the kitten like it is his baby. And he admits he likes her. He said that it was inevidable. He weighed what he figured were the options. New baby kitty who can be trained to his liking or take Hoover the grown cat with the pooping problem. Guess the baby was the lesser of two evils. He likes her even more when he knows that all of the kitten stuff including vet bills and Al's antihistamine tablets will be paid on the communal Olson Visa card paid by Amber's Daddy.

He told me about the trip to Walmart to buy kitty things with the zip of the visa.
He also says that she does as she is told.
That part I am not quite sure of. She is like 5 weeks old. I know she can poo in a box already, but she isnt that smart..... She can't be....... Course I was a little miffed at the idea of the kitten, cuz if I had of known the outcome of this gang-up on Al I could have driven with him down to RheLynn's and got Squint instead! C'est La Vie.

I think the pics below are a hoot. Cuz when we left their place on Monday they were saying that the kitten was not allowed on furniture. I am sure that the one pic is in Alex's bed on his comforter! He giggled when I mentioned that. Then he said, "She hasn't been in the bedroom all day cuz I did laundry and the clothes are drying on the laundry tree in there. She sleeps in the bathroom."

So without further ado I introduce you to our newest grand child. Candy Olson-Tucker. She is called candy cuz she likes to steal candy in wrappers from the candy dish and play with them.


Wicked H said...

so precious! Congrats!!!

Osquer said...

Awwwww! Baby kitty! She's so cute I almost want to cuddle up to my monitor!

Laurie said...

How sweet, funny, I am getting a tabby this week end, and maybe taking one of her tabby kittens too. that makes 6. I'll never change..sigh..have fun with the newbie.

Mother of Invention said...

Oh my Gosh, so adorable! I love kittens! They will have so much fun with this one! Ours have the "M's" on their foreheads too. Wish I could have more kittens! They end up ruling the house.

Jules said...

How adorable! Reminds me of when I got my kitty Chloe - she was my answer to September 11th grief. All my friends got pregnant, I got a kitty. We love her to death - even my husband who was never a cat lover.

RheLynn said...

Very cute - glad things are working well for Alex and his allergies! Bonding more over the little kitten will help them both :o)

And 5 weeks is just the right age to be box-trained! All of the kittens I've known, if they are shown a litter box at that age - know what to do with it!

Jules said...

...And how do I sign up for the VISA paid by Daddy card?

Candy Minx said...

Well, I am sure you can guess, I love this kitten with such a lovely name!!!

So cute!!!

Um, how are the allergies? good news, cat allergies are the easiest to overcome. since it is a kitten it may not have so much dander...?

If the cat family starts to have a ot of allergic reactions...find out when one can bathe a baby cat.

The trick is to bath a cat once a month for six months. It is the dander that people react to. By washing the cat, it gives the body 30 days till next bath to biuld their immune system up. Over and the sixth month bath the allergic persons immune system is much stronger and the dander is no longer a threat to their nose.

Also, taking natural source organic Vitamin B complex at least once a day helps the immune system.

It can be dangerous to bathe a small cat though, and it would be wise to check with a vet or google it...

The vitamin B complex will really help though. People with allergies are often lacking in the B Complex. It should be natural source though as that is way easier to absorb and assimilate as it's a concentrated food source.

Oh I feel like getitng a kitten!

Lynn said...

Well the advice about cats is great!
I love all animals, but I have never had a cat.
I have cared for cats in pre-vet care at a previous job, but I have not lived with one.
I have forwarded the care emails to Al and Amber. I am sure they will take the advice seriously.

Lynn said...

Love the comment Jules.
I was thinkin the same thing.
Course my Daddy is on "a fixed income" now he is retired, so I don't think he would love me very much if I tried.

Wystful 1 said...


I'm here for Saturday Photo Hunt, but just hadda comment on the new kitty.


Azuka said...

Cute kitten. I've got this love for cats -- they're just so cuddly, but I've never had one.