Friday, September 08, 2006

Ontario: Arnprior to Peterborough

Ottawa River at the mouth of the Matawaska River

Looking North West up the Ottawa River toward Renfrew

The Arnprior Lighthouse on the Ottawa River

Arnprior: The Matawaska chutes

View of the Chutes at full force

These are the details of the Church you could see the steeple of...

The Arnprior Museum, and Scotia Bank

Renfrew Countryside

These are photos of the 350 km trip from Renfrew to Peterborough

Northern Ontario is Rugged. We have terraine that is as deep as small mountains.
Our roads had to be blasted through the rock of this uneven land.

We pass no less than 50 lakes and rivers on our trek.

You can see the beginnings of the fall colours.


The Boreal Forest is not complete without the vital bog.
The bog re-establishes the nutrients to this rocky Canadian Shield.


RheLynn said...

The Church window is beautiful - good framing on the picture! Looks like you had a very busy outing.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Thanks for stopping by me blog.

I'm sorry about your friend's passing. I think I've been to that church in Arnprior.

My picture is actually of a brown Irish sheep. Kinda like me, not a black sheep, but a brown one, but one who tries to follow the Lord's voice.

I'm checking out the I am Canadian blogroll next.

Lynn said...

Oh geeze.
Can you believe I got that sooo wrong!
It is really hard for me to look at the avatar and see a sheep!

Lynn said...

You know Rhelynn,

I didnt think we were that busy until this week.
My recovery from the trip has taken a week.
I finally got some energy Saturday evening.

Osquer said...

Neat photo array! I especially like the shots of the spillway, such a lovely graceful curve of water!