Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yarn Everywhere!

So I have been a little obscessive compulsive this last week.
I am back to being a knitting freak!
I like the idea of knitting again. I used to do it alot. When my kids were small I knit alot of clothes for them. I even designed some clothes for myself, and tried a manual knitting machine too.

I never had time to knit when I was working. I kept odd work hours with all of my jobs, and I couldn't get into crafts in those days.

When Wendy came to live with us she got me crocheting. She taught me how to crochet doilies. I used to tat, but I didnt crochet fine cotton like that before Wendy came.

I am having a blast knitting again. It is fun doing the pieces for Socks for Sheep. I am really enjoying it.

Of course one thing lead to another, and I decided to start going through all my storage drawers to see where all the knitting things were hid.
I ended up with more yarn than I knew I had. I am such a pack rat!
So, now I have started I have to keep going!
Got to organize the knitting projects, yarn, and books!


Yarn Everywhere!motivated motion's Yarn Everywhere! photoset

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RheLynn said...

I see some cool stuff there!

Mother of Invention said...

Never learned how to knit and now my hands couldn't do it very well. I'd be dropping stitches everywhere! Is it good therapy for you phsyically and/or spiritually? Your hands probably work better than mine do...I have so much neuropathy I can hardly feel my fingers.

chumly said...

I tried knitting once. Never scratch the back of your neck with a knitting needle. The ER people at the hospital thought it was funny though.

charles ravndal said...

Wow that looks like a lot of stuff! I cant wait to see what things you will make from these materials soon! Anyway, have a nice weekend there!

Teena said...

I love to knit. I'm almost finished an afghan. I can't wait to see pix of what you end up making.