Saturday, September 30, 2006

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Yesterday Candy was trying very hard to get COMFY while Amber had the knitting books out, trying to choose what she wanted me to knit.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yarn Everywhere!

So I have been a little obscessive compulsive this last week.
I am back to being a knitting freak!
I like the idea of knitting again. I used to do it alot. When my kids were small I knit alot of clothes for them. I even designed some clothes for myself, and tried a manual knitting machine too.

I never had time to knit when I was working. I kept odd work hours with all of my jobs, and I couldn't get into crafts in those days.

When Wendy came to live with us she got me crocheting. She taught me how to crochet doilies. I used to tat, but I didnt crochet fine cotton like that before Wendy came.

I am having a blast knitting again. It is fun doing the pieces for Socks for Sheep. I am really enjoying it.

Of course one thing lead to another, and I decided to start going through all my storage drawers to see where all the knitting things were hid.
I ended up with more yarn than I knew I had. I am such a pack rat!
So, now I have started I have to keep going!
Got to organize the knitting projects, yarn, and books!


Yarn Everywhere!motivated motion's Yarn Everywhere! photoset

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Fantasy Land On the Island of Newfoundland
Coloured Houses Quiet Inlets

Wordless Wednesday

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St. John's Newfoundlandmotivated motion's St. John's Newfoundland photoset

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Favourite Commercial

It is so funny that a solely Canadian Island Language has to be subtitled in English.
Newfoundlanders speak English.
But Newfoundlanders have an accent like no other. Their sayings and accent come from a mixture of several coloquialisms of English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish.
If you grow up in a big city like St. John's you have a softer accent and it is easier to understand.
Yet if you live in a small outport your accent will be much twangier and stronger.

The people of Newfoundland are very social and they are the nicest people in Canada. Island culture makes them very easygoing. Enjoy Canada's newest Nissan Commercial!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Getting Messed-Up In September

Do you remember my friend Joette who makes the beautiful jewellry, and sells it on Ebay?
If you have been following regulary you will remember her daughter Jocey was a lung transplant recipient, like my good friend Wendy.

Well September is a particularly hard month for Joette and me.
September marks the anniversary of the Memorial Services held at Toronto General Hospital for Jocey's passing. Then this September we lost Wendy.

This year Joette has been recovering from carpal tunnel surgery, and I have been going through some medical changes, so I have noticed that Joette and I, who are usually much brighter little stars in our own little world have kinda not been our best. I speak for my self when I can say I have been feeling a little poopy.

In the past weeks it has been discovered that I am losing more nerves in my body. So what ever is happening to me(which we still don't know what the cause is) is now progressive, and this brings to light that several of the choices of what event caused all this, and the prognosises are not very good.

I am not much for feeling sorry for myself, and I know Joette is the same. But I noticed that she and I got much quieter this September. Whether it is a forced quiet from some outside forces.... or our loss of some energy while we have been recovering from the new medical things in our lives... I think it is obvious to those that know us, that we are not quite on the top of our heaps these days.

I was so happy to have a nice surprise in my mail box today. With a lovely thank you note attached:

Dear Lynn,

I hope all is well in your corner of the world as this card reaches you.

I have enclosed a crystal neckace I made for you. It is Swarovski Amethyst crystal and their silver crystal. I really wanted to make something special for you so I hope you like it.

I've enjoyed getting to know you and I follow your family's exploits through your blog. I have appreciated the time and attention your've given to Jocelyn's and my own story. It is so important to me that people remember Jocelyn, so you've really helped me.

I hope this necklace will remind you that you've touched our lives.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated


Joette Kruger

This little note and the beautiful gift that came with it, really lifted me up.

I am facing a rough week with a nerve conduction study on my legs on Wednesday, and having anesthetic injected into my spine and brain on Thursday. Two days in one week of events like that takes its toll on me. I am already more tired than usual these days, so I am just not looking forward to the rest of the week.

A surprise like this wonderful necklace has just made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Thank you so much for the lovely gift Joette! I will charish this! I am a crystal nut! I would rather have Swarovski crystal than diamonds! Gems are not my thing. But crystal for me feels like it has more energy in it than a diamond. I think it is because every part of the stone itself represents craft. The energy of the person that made it is within the crystal. The colours and the cuts are so much more diversive than precious gems. This gift makes my third piece of Joette Kruger's in my collection. I have a beautiful Ruby and silver set, and a cloudy quartz and crystal set as well. So when I get crafted crystals in beautifully designed and handmade pieces with them in it, it is even more special to me. And this surprise is amazing. Thank you!

I rarely ever wear a precious gems. I wear silver jewellry with crystals and semi-precious stones, and I like to change up my rings. So I have several rings for each finger, yet I may only wear one or two pieces at a time.
My whole jewellry wardrobe is not too expensive, yet for me it is priceless. Each piece is special and like my blog.... always has a story to go with it.

I have put a set of photos up of the new necklace. I have never had a necklace before with the little heart clasp with the bridel rod to go through it. The little bridel rod even has a little baby heart on it!

If you wish to see Joette's Online Jewellry Gallery you can click on the link in my sidebar or at the bottom of this post.

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    Sunday, September 24, 2006

    Late Bloomers

    Giant Snapdragons

    Regular Snapdragons

    Saturday, September 23, 2006

    When Fate Confirms Faith
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    I wasn't even going to post today. I actually was thinking about taking a few days off posting.

    I had a rough week physically, and I had some news I took really badly. My emotional state was in the dumps.

    I am one of very strong faith. I let go when I have times like this, and I give it all to God. I have a very close relationship with God, and I have never doubted God's presence.

    I knew that if I gave my anguish to God all would
    be ok. What I didn't expect was an adventure that
    would take me into the Spirit fast, and yank me back out again with so much new knowledge and affirmation that I am ending my day, just HAVING to tell you all what happened today!

    It all started last night. I dug out the boxes and boxes of knitting patterns I have, looking for one specific pattern. It is a simple newborn quick knit sweater. I found all of my patterns and I could not find this pattern, which is my favorite.

    I was really disappointed. While I have been knitting my Socks For Sheep pieces I wanted to get out my sweater book to prep for a gift piece
    I wish to make for someone who is expecting soon.

    The pattern was gone. Not to be found by me.
    I pined over the loss of my favourite book. I went to Walmart with Carl and I looked to see if they had a newer copy of the pattern book.
    Nothin'. They had very few pattern books and the ones they had were quite expensive. I went to the 'big box' craft store called Michaels. They didn't have it either, and their books were even more expensive. I saw one book I liked and it had a clearance sticker on it with no price. I took it up to the cash and the cashier said that this was not a clearance item yet, it was being sold for full price. The full price was horrendous, so I said that I would not take the book, and I left.

    I planned to go to a local yarn shop that was in the phone book. I had two yarn shops listed in the next town to me. The first yarn shop had their voice mail on today. They said they were having a big sale on the weekend and were closed today. I called the next yarn shop and they told me where in town they were located.

    Cam and I drove to the yarn shop. He waited for me in the car. I said I would be 10 minutes tops. For they would have the pattern or they wouldn't. I entered the yarn shop. It was beautifully laid out. Wonderful cubbyholes adorned the walls and the hardwood floors shone clean. Yarn, yarn, yarn, and sofas, and worktables and chairs, and organized racks of books. At the top of the cubbies were beautiful knit pieces so one could see a finished product.

    I chatted with the clerk about the books. She knew what I was looking for and she guided me to the area to look at the racks.

    I found quite a few great patterns, but not the one I wanted. I found a few that would be great alternatives. I was amazed at the prices. I got all the books you see here( in total) in the post for less than the price of one book at Michaels or Walmart!

    What happened next was like glorianna shining upon me. While I was in the shop a woman had arrived. She talked like the owner. She came to help myself and the clerk look for a ribbon yarn that I took an interest to, in a knitted piece. We found it and I had a look at the ribbon colour choices, and I knew that choosing the colour would have to be for another day. The two women walked back to the check-out with me.
    I started to say that I was knitting again now in my life as a form of physical therapy. The owner turned to me and told me she knew what I meant. She said it was her first time into the shop in 4 yrs. Illness had her laid up all that time, and the business had to run on its own.

    At that moment I began to see her aura, I saw that she had the same look on her face as me as well. I was getting spirit messeges telling me that she needed to tell me what happened to her, and I needed to learn it, and it would help me. I didn't know her, I had never met her before, and I had to take this huge leap of faith to reveal myself to her.

    I looked at her right in the eye. I had to ask her, and I said it plainly, "What happened to you?"

    She shared a story of her physical problem. Then I knew why I was compelled to come there that day. The day that was her first day back to work in 4 yrs. The day I was running from my darkness. The day she stood before me and repeated a story, one just like mine, of chronic neuropathic pain, and the story of her trying to recover, and being faced with two surgeries. And the story so much like mine, and the discoveries that complete diaganosis took so long because the problems are so rare.

    God sent me to meet a woman I didn't know, who had followed another path in her treatment, who had to tell me about something rare the doctors won't look for, but have to, to get to the end of this medical horror show I live every day.

    Like me she will never be normal again, but she is trying to have some presence in her business so she can move on, even just a little in her life and find her new normal too.

    Then I thought, so why do I get all my answers and she gets nothing in return. Then it came, the reason she stayed away, the reason she was drawn to come in at that particular time on that particular day. Her confidence had been totally shattered by the Effasia. Brain/neurpathic injuries cause Effasia. An inability to be able to speak the word you are thinking of. You go to say it and a totally dumb word comes out that makes no sense. I have been able to work on my effasia and speak at a speed slow enough that I can catch my body trying to speek the dumb word. It turns into a stammer, but I can correct it now. I needed to tell her that I had overcome the effasia, and some of the memory problems, and I have some techniques to help her. And mostly I could empathise with her loss of confidence, for mine is shattered too.

    She does not even know how much she helped me. She will never know, for I cannot express what having the new knowledge about the medical problems we have helped me with regaining me feeling of control of my health. Or, I guess, a feeling of being able to be proactive in my health-keep.

    Being sick is always hard when you own your own business. You can't keep on top of stuff. I had to completely give up the idea of being a driving instructor as I learned more and more of how much of the damage I had been stricken with was permanent. So I know exactly what this very wonderful woman is going through.

    So I am going to back to the yarn shop soon, and do a whole piece on their wares and the great classes they have there, and the cool yarns and patterns they have.

    For now I am showing you the great books I got today for a song (not on sale, regular low low prices) and a link button at the top of the page(the Knit or Knot sheep picture) for the shop so you can at least have a boo at the kind of things you can order online from the store.

    Cam said I picked good books. He said all the "Emo" kids would like that animal back packs and furry gloves and accessories. Emo kids are the kids that come to his concerts. They listen to Metal, Punk and Ska music. They are late age teens that dress in fairy costumes and dye their hair funny colours and like bright and weird backpacks and purses. Even "Emo" guys would wear the back packs. Cam wants it known he is not 'Emo' and he can't help who his followers are. He is a strictly black T-shirt and black pants kinda guy.

    Cam says I should make one "Emo" animal back pack for the Socks for Sheep. He said the lady who is doing the sale will sell it fast-quick once the 'Emo' kids see it! So I am inspired.

    Inspired in a day where God dragged me out in the world to tell me a story that I needed to hear. And sent me to a woman who really needed to talk to someone about what she had gone through, and could feel like she supported someone on her first day she tried to come out to the real world too!

    I love it when Fate Confirms Faith!

    Please tell your friends about this post and this new link. Let's give it forward for this great lady with a great shop! Please have a look at her web site.

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    2004-Amber Decorated Alex for Easter

    This is a pic of a stuffed rat named "Scabbers"

    Cam on a camping trip in 2004

    2005- Becky on her Wedding Day!

    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

    September Sky

    Wordless Wednesday

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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    September Highlights

    Al's First US Contract Cheque!
    So Al is officially an international businessman, and a full-time student!
    Full-time web support and developement business, plus working on a full-time degree.
    We are really proud of him taking this leap of faith at such a young age.
    (I hope he is proud of me for figuring out how to use the photoshop tool to make the blurry water waves!)

    Here is the newest photo of Candy, doin her name-sake playing.

    href="">Special Effects Wedding
    motivated motion's Special Effects Wedding photoset

    These are some photos inwhich I started to experiment with filters and colour palates.

    Here are some hay stacks in the field behind the Masonic BBQ Sept 6, 2006

    Yes we are definitely rural!

    The Masonic BBQ- Sharon Lodge