Wednesday, February 14, 2007

And In The Wee Hours Of Valentine's Day
The Snow Fell Down

It is predictable that on February 14th there will be a storm here in Ontario. Sometimes the 14 is one, in the middle of several days in a row of the storms.

This winter we have been a little light on the snowfall. A winter where no snow of any accumulation fell before the middle of January. And once the first snow came we actually finally got frost into the ground.

So I was up in the wee hours of the morning to take some virgin snow photos.
Once the morning came, the machinery was out, and the snow was was scarred so we could move around.


RheLynn said...

Wow you really did get a lot of snow there! Glad you're inside and warm, huh? ;o) The pictures got me hugged by someone else who is very glad to be indoors with heat right now ;o)

TorAa said...

That's what I want now: Snow. My skies are still in the cellar. Have not been in use since last April. Poor fellas. And here we have Winter vacation at schools, so Anna just waits for the white powder, and me to take a day off.

Your picture gallery is great. Gave me the real winterfeeling.

Have an exciting weekend