Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thanks For The Great Photo Dad!
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Oh I know I posted that I was too busy to post this week, but this photo came my way and I just had to show it!

This morning, Carl and I opened our emails to find what I think is the best winter picture on my blog yet. I think you will say it is one of the best pictures on a blog you have seen this winter.

Once in a while Dad takes great pictures I love to share on here. This is like Dad blogging by proxy. (HehHeh)

Below here is one of mine from this morning.

Wow it is so fluffy! Really pretty snow. When we get big flakes we know it is warming up.
But our air is as ared as the desert right now, that is why the snow is not heavy.
In Canada our winters may get snow, but the extension of days with temperatures of -14, -19, -20, and -30 degrees Celcius suck the moisture out of our air. Dry, Dry Dry.
For those that don't get snow, it is like the desert and our skin is dry, our houses are static filled, and we need lots of water to drink. We are forced to humidify our homes with machines that put water back in the air for our comfort. Those on the coast can count on rain through the winter. Here, inland we get no rain in the winter at all. We get rainfall in the end of March or early April. January is usually our coldest month, and February is our snow storm month.

March can have sub-zero temperatures or we can have temperatures as warm as 20 degrees Celcius.

For some quick references: 20 degrees Celcius is about 71F
0 degrees Celcius is 32F


RheLynn said...

You are getting a lot of snow there - in both of those pictures. For the amount of snow in the air in your dad's picture - he is lucky his lens didn't get wet!

very cold temperatures as well - and with a fierce dry wind that would be hard to walk out in!

Teena said...

I'm so done with snow! The storm this morning surprised me as I wasn't expecting it. Grrrrrr!!!

RennyBA said...

You know I just love this winterly and snowy weather and when the cold is beaten your nose. We have the same, lovely weather in Norway for the time being and I've just posted about our blizzard too.
All seasons are great and you really know to appreciates a lovely warm summer day after after a winter like this!
Wishing you a crispy weekend:-)