Friday, February 09, 2007

Baby Kitty Candy

We took these photos in the last week of January.
Candy lost some weight when she was recovering from her "hysterectomy"
Her belly looks good and her appetite is back now!

Alex squirts Candy with water if she tries to do something inappropriate.
Amber and Alex have worked really hard on squirting Candy for clawing, biting, or chewing things she is not allowed to consider playtoys.
So far Candy has responded well with this. She was able to keep her claws.
Amber trims her nails all the time.
She has turned out to be a really really good kitty.


RheLynn said...

Oh What a sweet (and well-behaved) kitty Candy has grown up to be! She has beautiful markings!

Sorry to hear about your technical difficulties this weekend -- hope it all ends up well and there is as little frustration caused by it as possible!

amy said...

Those are really swee pics of a pretty kitty