Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Year of the Pig

On Saturday I attended the New Moon Meditation which incorporated the Chinese New Year education as well. I found out that from now to the Full Moon on March the 3rd we are supposed to strive towards our goals of prosperity. Lots of prosperity. Prosperity to share with everyone.
In my faith this time is also a time of strong self growth. As we shed away the the last residues of the crone and prepare for expansion of the new queen as budding begins.

Moebius Design Shawl

This weekend was full for me. On Saturday I took a class on the Moebius design knitting style. Moebius is a term used to describe a line that turns on itself and is continuous. Like how an apple peel falls if you trim it off the apple with a knife in a swirl, or use a peeling tool.

Moebius knitting projects knit two edges (opposing) at the same time. So I am knitting the shawl from the middle outwards. You can see that now I am knitting with a thick blue/green fibre and it is coming out on the garment on the two edges.

There is one twist in the pattern which will keep a nice feature in the front of the garment.

I am using 9 colours cut into 25 metre pieces. Two 25 metre pieces for each colour.
This is done on a 1metre round needle and this fills the needle.
The cast on is very different, and is complicated at first for even a seasoned knitter.
Once the cast on is perfected, this style quickly becomes a favourite!


My plants are telling me spring is coming. Buds and blooms and long shoots are climbing to take in more light


TorAa said...

Let me start with the Last: Green Thumb Sunday: I'll join as soon as we start the season here (we have bought seeds etc - you might have read my post on that 2 weeks ago).

Then knitting, a question so stupid only a man can pose it: Why do you start in the centre instead of at the circumference:))

Have a wonderful week

Mother of Invention said...

I sure hope your plants are right and spring IS coming!
Sounds like you're busy as ever!

chase said...

Kung Hei Fat Choi! As what I usually hear from some Chinese people. Hope you have a lovely week there!

Candy Minx said...

HI Lynn, the blog looks great. sory I haven't been around much and now, I can't seem to see your photos...but it's late, I'll be back in the morning...just a quick hello!