Monday, February 05, 2007

The Winter of Spirituality Contentment

This winter I am spending the blistery cold days that I have to hide indoors working on something dear to me.

I am creating Prayer Shawls.

If you Google Prayer Shawl, you will be guided to Prayer Shawl Ministries.
All over the world knitters take part in Prayer Shawl Ministries.
These are Shawls created with a single minded purpose.

The Prayer Shawls are created by folks who wish to invoke the intentions of prayer while being creative.
Most Prayer Shawls are made ......2
So the creator makes one Prayer Shawl for themselves and then from those same balls of yarn a second Prayer Shawl is created of remnants of the yarn to give away to someone else.

The blessings come from the creation while in a state of Spiritual Euforia, and from the blessings of giving.

My Prayer Shawls are invoked with the intentions of Prayer and Healing.

I have chosen as much natural fibre as I possibly could.
I am using those lovely Hand Maiden Silks fibres. You know the ones I showed on here in the last few weeks.....
I am also using Debbie Bliss cotton angora,
Louisa Harding Impression nylon and mohair,
Silk Rumple and Angel Hair kit mohair, and nylon
Silk Spun and Wool Strati

I want to create soft warm Shawls with the the colours of healing.

My pattern is my own. I edged the sides with a half arrow pattern to create a slightly wavey edge that won't roll easily.

I am using random rows of Knit and Purl to keep the pattern simple so I
am able to do the making while in a medatative state.

I am using large (8mm) round "Turbo" needles.

All of my supplies are from Knit or Knot.

Don't forget the knit or knot web site has the new classes that begin as early as Feb 17th.
Knotty Nitters is already going strong on Thursday evenings


TorAa said...

It's a nice idea with those shawels. But, I think, I'm not able to make one with my clumpsy hands. They are better hammering and sawing than knitting.


RheLynn said...

I like what you said about spiritual euphoria -- although mine is more focus, than euphoria :) It is a wonderful feeling to put into our different threads the threads of our thoughts, common dreams - hopes and wishes for a good future for the recipient of the gift, or the use of the object.

I also liked what you said about winter being the time we contemplate our spirtuality for the new spring coming!

Teena said...

What a nice idea!

It looks great!