Friday, February 09, 2007

I Think The Blog Will Be Stale All Weekend

I will be doing some techinical upgrading this weekend. I am not sure what I am in for, so I am just warning everyone I may be out of email contact this weekend, as well as blog updates.
When I am back on I will be running Windows Vista.
Oh stop making those gagging sounds. I am just not ready for Linux....OK
Motivated Motion will be capable of full video editing and fancy graphics inputs when all the stuff is done. Of course that means I will be trying to learn it all again so there will be alot of crying over here, by me.


TorAa said...

Good luck for the weekends work.


chase said...

Hello there Lynn! SO are you running Vista now? Update us about it.. hehehe happy weekend to you btw

RennyBA said...

Go Lynn, Go - can hardly wait for your new media show!
Have fun - I envy you:-)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

OK, I'll just wait - as I wait patiently for the spring to come ;-)