Monday, February 12, 2007

Coming Full Circle
The Testiment To Blogging

I wrote the 5 reasons that I blog meme recently.
I have received alot of nice comments and emails from it.

This little note is not about it especially, but about the effect of blogging.
I think that most of the bloggers I network with share similar benefits from blogging.
Number one would be the fact that we get to share information.
Information that interests us, and we think that others would benefit from as well.

Today a really neat thing happened.
I received an email from Australia.
A fellow scrapbooker was hoping I may be able to give her some advice about some specific shopping here in my home town area!

Her Husband is here in my area visiting his parents who are from a town close by, and she wanted to be able to guide her hubby to a place to shop to purchase a specific scrapbooking accessory.

I know what the accessory is and I was really excited to be able to tell her where her husband could make his purchase, right here in my home town!

From Australia to Newmarket, Ontario, Canada......necessary information is shared, and a husband can bring his wife back a really awesome prezzie that she really really wants!

This is blogging come full circle for sure!

Well.....speaking of scrapbooking. I have kept quite mum about my scrapbooking adventures. Actually after the wedding book I made for Mom and Dad at Christmas, I have not done much in the way of scrapbooking.

I have been doing alot of organizing for the scrapbooking though. Believe me, there is more organizing and tidying that goes on in scrapbooking than there is scrapbooking being done. Today I got a great clear stamping kit, and a really cool wire work kit. These pretty much round out my supplies.


RheLynn said...

Interesting that you can help with the goal of such a long trip! So, does he owe you a kangaroo for finding the prezzie?

Jules said...

I love how that works! Maybe one day I'll be able to send you some long sought after scrapbooking tool. You know I live in the land of the scrapbook queens!

Lynn said...

Hehehe. I think a note that will tell me how successful he ends up is great enough.

Oh this scrapbooking thing is amazing. I have not done alot to show for my efforts, but I am happy with each piece I have done.

Next time I go to my best friend, Pauline's place I will take some photos of her work.
She is the scrapbooking queen.

Unfortunately I have travelled alot, and I have thousands and thousands of photos to represent in scrapbooks. So my scrapbooking pages each incorporate a soft CD/DVD case, so copies the whole photo group and videos can be archived right on the page.

Waterfalls Insights said...

Scrapbooking is one of those things I could see myself becoming obsessed with. I understand Lynn it really is awesome. Everytime I think of it all I can imagine is unleashing a frenzy of stamps, little stickers, beautiful little shiny, sparkily thingys :) Oh and the different types of scissors to cut with... neato.
I'm into genealogy and I've been archiving the old family photos to go with the Family Tree. I've been doing it all online and on the computer but I can just see in my minds eye the Familytree scrapbooks! With all those old pictures!! Ah well I've only got about 100 more pics to scan lol

You could scrapbook some favorite pictures or memories? from your collection. Did you come across any animals?

Lynn said...

I have a video we took when Alex (who is 21 this year) was around 6. We were in Yellowstone and we Bison migrating. When the two herds met up it was really tense. We were in a Pickup truck with a Camper on it. One male Bison was walking along side the truck and we could only see his chin in the side window. I have always wanted to make sure this piece of video gets on a DVD. I think for all to see it would be amazing.

On that trip we saw alot of animals. It was the trip with the most alert for Grizzlies we have ever had.

For the folks from PSICAN, I do have UFO photos from the US midwest, and from route 666 which travels through Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.