Sunday, February 25, 2007

On This Day Jaden Was Blessed And Welcomed Into The Catholic Church
Her Baptism

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Some of you may recall that last spring we were awaiting the birth of dear Jaden. And at 9 months of age we joined Erin and Graham for her Baptism today.

She is a blessed child. One conceived with alot of prayer and IVF.

I believe that, as a healer, my being able to help Graham and Erin through IVF to conceive this lovely child was a blessing that I personally received from God. For I was at the height of my disablility when they became in need. I believe with all my heart that being able to aid them in preparation for the conception of this child was the beginning of my own physical recovery. As much as Erin and Graham were blessed with this little girl, I was blessed and healed enough to promote my own recovery by her conception.

You can tell by the people pushing in to capture moments of the Baptism, that there are also many others who are close to Erin and Graham that also feel blessed by this child. This truely is a girl raised by a village. And the Village is raised up because of her.


TorAa said...

A great moment and excellent photos from this blessing event. But tell me, is Confirmation normal.
Here in Norway (most people are Protestants (Lutherian) and it is very common with confirmation in the age 15-16.

RennyBA said...

What a lovely ceremony and how well documented with all this wonderful pictures - thank you so much for sharing.
Coming from Norway, I'm curious about the same as TorAa.
Btw: Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - your a great networker too:-)

chase said...

Lovely photos Lynn! Btw I certainly miss you and Belated Valentines to you and to your family! Sorry if i havent been visiting lately! I am just swamped with work!

Lynn said...

In all Catholic and Apistolic Churches Confirmation is normal.
Baptism is done when you are usually a baby, and Confirmation classes start for children anywhere between the ages of 8 and 13. Of course there are always exceptions, and older and younger folks get Baptized or Confirmed.

Confirmation is one's committment to the faith as an adult member of the church.

Lynn said...

hey Charles, I have not been blog reading much either

Mother of Invention said...

She is an absolute doll! A very special child indeed. Bless her.