Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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Me being all psychic at the Enwave Theatre in Toronto!

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The 5 Reasons I Blog Meme
(I was tagged by Matt and Sue at Paranormal Blog)

1) I blog because my Sons suggested it. I guess I was getting on their nerves

2) The reason my Sons suggested it was because of pretty traumatic event that happened to me in March 2005. In March 2005 I was suddenly stricken by a headache that lasted 24/7 with no breaks for a year. In that year I turned from a spunky and savvy businesswoman who had a photographic memory and could do "anything" from being a scientist to a long haul transport truck driver, to a suffering middle-aged woman.
In the year it took to diagnose me, and then begin some sort of treatment that would be more successful than a couple of hours a week of lesser pain over pain so intense it effected my vision and make me vomit...I had lost alot of my really cool abilities.
By March 2006, my immediate memory was gone, I was suffering from speach affasia, and I could not sleep more than a couple of hours a day, and it was not a sound sleep, it was more of a pass out unconscious from pain sleep. My vision was blurry, and I could not drive because of the pain, and the meds they were trying to ease it.

Me being the optomistic chick I am, I just plugged away each day, trying to figure out ways to create my own occupational therapy so I would not go mad.
I started taking piano lessons. I did this to help me focus a bit, and to be able to do something creative that I could accomplish in a few minutes before the music and pounding in my head would reander me useless.
I was blessed in March 2006 by a pain specialist who really took the time to seek out the whys and wherefores of what had happened to me, and who would use her great medical detective skills to start a very radical pain treatment program that used no opiats.

Thus the great "brain freeze" as I so affectionally call it began. This treatment is the use of anesthetic injected into the head, facette joints of the neck and between the vertibrae, and into the muscles of the shoulders weekly, and a drug coctail of neuro blockers, muscle relaxants, and later anti seizure meds to keep the headache at bey.
Only temporary solutions, as they cannot take the pain away forever. They only facilitate a few days of good healing sleep, so I can be stronger.

As the weeks passed by the treatments did well for me. So well I was able to do some tasks 20 min at a time, and I was able to read again. This was an amazing boost to me, at a time when I had lost my confidence.

So in March 2006 I began to blog at the suggestion of my Sons. They thought it would help me be able to keep a journal at a time it was not easy for me to speak because of the Affasia (you say different words than you intended and sometimes you sound like you are speaking gibborish)
I had to learn how to blog. That was really tough. I really had to get my Son Alex to help me alot. I could not read instructions and put the information to use, but I could listen to instructions and put it to use.
Alex was so patient with me. He would repeat the same instructions over and over again each day because I could not remember what he told me the day before, and he helped me build a blog.
By September 2006 Al was back at school, and I had improved enough that I tried to do the work on my own, and I did it!

3) The blog has helped me express myself eloquently at a time in my life I could not speak eloquently. The blog helps me be creative. I can take photos and write articles, and journal my world, and it helps me promote life Canadian.

4) I hope my blogging has helped people learn about things I can share: travel stories, Canada culture history and people, crafting

5) I keep blogging because it is a real connection to the world at large. I have made some really cool friends from blogging. I have been sparked to try some of the old crafting I used to do post headache like knitting. I cannot communicate like I used to with family because my treatments take alot out of me and my energy levels are low. So they can follow along here at the blog and catch up. I also found the perfect volunteer job for a headachey, witchy, spiritualist psychic that doesn't require more than one day a week of my time (which is good cuz a few hours of doing anything and I need a few days to recover, but that is ok cuz I got to do something) as the resident medium for PSICAN.

*********to answer the questions you are asking now.
Yes I still have the headache, but it isn't 24/7 anymore and I get sleep.
The cause is a toss between shingles of the brain (which is the favourite of the doctors as it answers why more than one major nerve was effected with time) or a severe neck trauma which might have been a repetitive injury (the doctors least favourite because there has been a progression of the nerve damage)
Now when I talk I have learned to be so quick at picking up the affasia I can fool everyone to thinking that I just stammer once in a while, and they will say I speak normally.

So I am officially diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia, with 1st larangeal nerve neuropathy, and sensory nerve neuropathy of the leg.( I don't limp, but please don't stick a pin in my thigh, I won't feel it)
I still take no opiats for pain (which means I can't get addicted to something really aweful)

***and if it wasn't for the meme I probably wouldn't talk about this much on here***
********I learned to find a new normal, so I am not defined by this headache********


Gattina said...

For the "wordfull" part I come back, (I do my duty as a commenter !) your picture however made me think first of you being in a more than strange church, lol !

Sunflower said...

I list my blogging reasons in one of Thursday Thirteen:-)

Happy WW!

I will Exercise for Comments!

Rav`N said...

i thought you were in a factory or something until I read your explanation for the picture

Duchess said...

Thanks for sharing your reasons to blog and I am glad you are doing so. The picture makes you "think".

Happy WW


I'm sorry to hear about this. It's good you got over it. You're a strong woman and I admire you.
thanks for the visit.

RheLynn said...

**hugs you** Thanks for sharing the reasons you blog - you're a really great friend and I always enjoy stopping by and seeing what you are up to!

The Theatre looks forgotten -- is it still in use? Or are you just in a part that isn't seen very much?

mar said...

Your ww pic left me thinking...and then I read your reasons to blog. I am impressed, you are a strong woman and I wish you all the best. And happy blogging! happy ww :)

Holly said...

Okay, don't shoot me, but the first thing I saw in that photo was the large rectangle over your head and I thought you were posing for a guillotine until I read you were in a theatre...LOL


Judi said...

great post!

Looney Mom said...

Wow. You have overcome some major tragedies. I'm so intrigued with the "medium" aspect. In fact the show is one of my favorites. It is all so fascinating. I wish I understood how it is so.

Lynn said...

It is coincidental that the photo and the meme are up the same day. I am 5 stories above the stage floor in the catwalk where only the lighting and electrical technicians "hang out". Chris Laursen who took the photo and did the article was the only member besides Ian and I who dared climb way up there. I even surprised myself way up there! I don't think of what happened to me that made me strive to blog as a tragedy. It was horrible for sure, but my emotional state was never altered per say. I don't think losing confidence is a permanent snag in my life. I think of it as a temporary snag.
I really like the supportive comments. I like the fact that others will ponder this whole idea instead of just toss it off as bunk

eph2810 said...

Very interesting picture. Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening.

eph2810 said...

I just read the entire article - thank you so much for sharing. I hope that this blog will continue to be a therapy for you...blessings...

masgblog said...

hey there's Barrie...thx for stopping by for WW!! Too cool...and you're just down the highway from me...and up the way from family in Aurora....

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Ohhhhhh.... you've been through a LOT! Nice you found blogging as an outlet to help you. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a comment :)

Teena said...

Poor you :( I used to get wicked headaches. Thankfully not anymore ... unless I drink too much red wine :)

Chris said...

It has been great getting to know you in person! Thanks so much for mentioning my guest blog today and sharing the reasons of why you blog, Lynn!


RennyBA said...

Better to be speechless than psychic I guess LoL

Thanks for sharing your reason for blogging and thanks to your sun to encouraging you - I love to visit, to learn and read about your life at your place!

Hope your head become okay soon too!

Waterfalls Insights said...

Some people don't like meme's but I like 'em because they help us tell our life's stories. I also started computing when I lost cognitive function from CFS in my 30's it's kept my 'ole brain going to this day:)
It's good to know who you are Lynn. It just makes us all appreciate how much more speical you are and what a gift it is that we can all share with each other in this way :)
btw awesome picture of you! It's really neat :) and really nice article. Sounds like you guys had alot of fun:)