Friday, February 16, 2007

Today's Theme: Antique
I am no longer an antique, I have moved to the 21st century!

What sets off the geek's freak!

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The New Motivated Motion

Laptop with full video capability. Duo monitors and a tablet.

Core duo processor with windows Vista.

That flat square thing has its own intelligence. The pen there is my mouse and I swing it in the air to move the curser!

I predict many hours of crying in frustration as I figure it all out.


Waterfalls Insights said...

Hi Lynn!,
Had to post a comment and say WOWEE!! *grin*
Looks awesome!
as I quickly drop by today :)
It looks like it should makes some sort of humming noise when you power it all up! :):)

I've been trying out new things the last few weeks and learning more about internet.
I'm here looking for you site feed. To add to my reader so I can stay up to date a little easier... or so google reader says *giggle*
I'm gonna have to get a google t'shirt soon lol
I stopped at Carl's site and saw his really good post and comments about Climate change.. wanted to comment but was in a hurry right now. Will check back later :)

RheLynn said...

Wow - that is some high tech equipment going on there. The laptop looks similar to what we run here in our office. Mark has a triple monitor setup for his server admin work, and then there are an array of different laptops (1 for me, the rest for auxiliary tasks if needed)

Lynn said...

Hey Nancy, if you register to my feedblitz you will get an email prompt when I update.

RheLynn-I am getting used to the double screen. I can't always remember how to choose which is the major screen.
Cam got a new sweet puter too. His has a dedicated video card instead of the NVIDEA I have.
Mine will do exactly what I need. I don't need the dedicated card cuz I don't play halo or WW.
Seems all the retired units here are going Linux.
Carl and I went to this sweet Computer warehouse yesterday. Saw all the empty Modding boxes and stuff. I can see a server being built too. I just know it.

meeyauw said...

I have a Mac with core 2 duo processors and it is really a great chip! But probably both our machines will be antiques in 5 years. :-(

pat said...

Oh I want one, I want one!!! Good luck with your new treasure!

RennyBA said...

Woow, this is rocky science Lynn - I so much envy you and are looking forward to your more and more sophisticated posts.
Thanks also for those lovely winterly snow pictures. Your so right: Norway is mirroring you!
Wishing you a lovely end to your week:-)

Hootin'Anni said...

This is wonderful!

My antiques photos have been posted. Happy weekend.

GEWELS said...

I guess if we waited a week or two this may qualify as "obsolete" anyway.

Teena said...

You're stylin'!!!

Thanks for stopping by mine :)

Incog & Nito said...

High tech - a pen to move the cursor OMG I feel like a dinosaur - scary stuff. Happy weekend.

Viamarie said...

How fast do gagets become outdated these days.

Happy weekend!

RUTH said...

Wishing you the best of luck. I only entered the computer age last year...there have been tears but lots of joy.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

So instead of crying, why don't you just throw it this way???? I wouldn't cry even once if I was using it.... *lol*

Ronald Allan said...

Hi Lynn! Long time no see...:-)

Been out of it lately...for one reason or another...

Cool setup you have there. I'm so jealous. :-)

TorAa said...

he-he, these super modern computer devices will become antique before you can say cake (a million times).

In five years you will giggle of this post and say: hello, I was right:))

The pen instead of mouse sounds great. You can train as conductor. When will we see you in Vienna on January 1st?

Have a fun week:)