Thursday, February 15, 2007

Big Innovations In Toronto General Hospital For Lung Transplant Patients!

My buddy, Merv Sheppard has written a great article about an amazing announcement that was made yesterday!
Merv is a long time transplant recipient who works tirelessly to create news letters and updates for the patients and care givers of the Lung Tranplant Program in Ontario.
He interacts with every patient at some time during their care, and he is our bridge once a patient has gone back home after recovery.
He spends all of his time "giving back" to the program that saved his life, and helps patients see the positive when they may be having a rough time.
You will learn alot from his blog.

Please take the time to go to his blog today and read his article on North America's First Artificial Lung!
To go to Merv's blog click here.


TorAa said...

You are a caring person as well. Writing about others the way you do.
That is a very good quality.


Lynn said...

Toraa, everything or everyone I write about has a personal reason. I vowed to only write about what I know. Transplant group is near and dear to my heart, for my future daughter-in-law's Mom was my close friend and she had a lung transplant, plus I have a rare autoimmune disease that could make it so I end up needing a transplant in my life.
I think that people I know, and would benefit from others knowing about them should get some words from me. Folks are great! And none of us would be the people we are today if it were not for other's good deads toward us