Tuesday, October 03, 2006

45 Years Went So Fast!

This year my Mom and Dad have been married 45 years. Their anniversary is August 25th, 1961. I asked my parents if I could borrow their wedding album, so I could scan the photos to make digital records of them.

Now asking for this album does not come without the telling of the story on how it was set up.
You all know from my other blogs, that my Grandmother was a designer, and she designed the Wedding Party Dresses, and the Wedding Dress. My Grandfather was a photography buff, and wanted to do the photography for the Wedding. But my Grandfather is plagued by wedding disaster. At my Aunt's wedding (before Mom's) my Grandfather forgot to put the film in his camera, and at my Mom's the film came off the capstan in the camera(or visa versa). Thus none of his daughters had their Wedding photographs as he had planned.

All was not lost. Other folks at the Wedding had taken photos, so Mom and Dad got some. Of course because they were just regular photo-printed off the negatives, none of the sizes are consistant. There were no lovely 8x10's or 5x7's. There were 1 1/2 x 2's and 2x3's. Once we took out the album, after 45 years, we were disappointed by how much the album pictures had faded.

I set out on the job to digitally scan each photo, put them in some sort of order, and do a primary colour restoration. Then when I had done that I finished them off as all 5x7's.

Alex says I will be able to restore them more, when I get deeper into my photoshop studies tutorial. Until then, I am very happy with my first crack at the restorations. They are definitely brighter and crisper.

As I scanned the photos it dawned on me that my Grandmother problably made way more than just the Wedding party dresses, and veil, and headpieces. She definitely made her own outfit and hat, and it is not unlikely that she may have made my Dad's Mom's dress as well. I would expect she made all of the bouquets and the table centrepieces, and the wedding cake too! Yes I get it from my Grandmother for sure!(even my looks at the age I am today). Mom will let me know the scoop on that once she sees this post.

If you have been watching this blog for along time, you will already know that I wore my Mother's Wedding Dress, with a veil my Grandmother made for another friend of the family(Brenda's). I redesigned the sleeves, and used remnent material from the original satin bolts my grandmother left with the dress to age(with the help of our friend Brenda, who is an awesome seamstress). My shoulders were a few inches wider than my Mom's and the cap sleeves were way too tight. I put one picture of Carl and I in the set here so you can do a comparison.

My parents were married in Scarborough, Ontario. They had their reception at the famous Guild Inn. In the area of Guildwood, on the Scarborough Bluffs. Their reception was in the Artist Cottage, for those of you who are familiar with the Greater Toronto Area, and its famous sites.

Join me on a trip down memory lane.......back to 1961.......

The Official Invitation
(you can click on any of the photos to make them bigger)

My Mom, Sandra Wilson, and her Mom, May Wilson

The Maid of Honour, Doreen D'Afebo

Bride's Maid, Pat Rambo

C0-Flower Girl, Heather Wilson(Mom's little cousin)

Jr. Bridesmaid, Jo Ann Lyford, Mom, and Co-Flower Girl, Janice Lyford(Dad's Little cousins)

Heather again(Her Dad took the BW photos, I think)

Leaving the church with the Parents of the Bride and Groom on the steps behind

Heather, Mom and Dad (Sandra and Richard Lundy) and Janice

BW- with one of the US cousins hangin out on the steps
Plus the Maid of Honour, Doreen, with the Best Man, John Wales

BW-more of the Parents on the steps

All the family Gathers outside the church.
Wow, My Great Grandmother(Mom's Dad's Mom) is in the box hat on the far left, then Uncle Charlie Wilson, and my Grandfather Syd Wilson, Mom and Dad, then I think my Dad's Grandmother (Granny Ascott). She is the Mother of my Father's real Dad(Charles Lundy), who was killed in WWII when Dad was 18months old.
Alot of the women in my family have different last names than their children. At least three of the women out-lived several husbands. Then my Great-Aunt Sal Lyford, the skinny lady(grandmother's half sister, and grandfather's cousin-in-law, I think), behind my Great Aunt is, I believe my Aunt Agnus Lundy(at the top of the steps) I remember them all, except my Great Grandmother on my Mom's side.

The Lady in the Pink dress with the basket hat is my other Great Grandmother on my Mom's side. (if I am right she is my Mom's, Mom's, Mom)
Of course my mind is possibly mixing up my Granny Ascott with my Nanny's Mom.
I only know my Mom's two Grandmothers from photos, I don't remember them from my life.

The Parents of the Bride and Groom
(left to right)
Arthur Sydney(Syd) Wilson(Father of Bride), Beatrice Lillian (Lil) Lyford(Mother of the Groom), William(Billy) Lyford(Step-Father of the Groom), May Wilson(Mother of the Bride)
Far right, the Best Man, John Wales.

The Head Table, Pat Rambo, John Wales Mom and Dad, Doreen D'Afebo, John Naismith(my Uncle), and Jo Ann Lyford.
My Aunt Barb, Mom's Sister was almost full-term pregnant with my cousin Ann, so Uncle John was up their on his own.
Betcha he is drinkin' apple juice! He has never been much for booze.

Nanny Lil and Grandpa Bill Kissing from the tinkling of the glasses

Cutting the Cake

Nanny Lil, Dad, Mom, and Grandpa Bill

Heather, Dad and Mom



Mom Dancing with Gramps
You can compare Mom's dress to Mine

The Going Away Outfit.
I wonder...Did Nanny make that too, or did Mom buy it at Simpsons?


Mother of Invention said...

These are so precious! The little girls are dressed just as we were when kids in the late 50's. I love old photos. Now that I know how to scan them, I'll post some when it's my parents' 63rd this December!

RheLynn said...

Such a detailed account photographically! It is amazing you were able to get that many pictures of the entire wedding and party afterwards :o)

It's also really neat to see the dresses in B&W and colour - so different!

charles ravndal said...

My god. What a beautiful set of pictures. I wish I will be married as long as your parents are together.

Jules said...

Congratulations to your parents - such an amazing milestone. How fun to travel down memory lane and to be able to have worn your mother's wedding dress! My mom was a TWIG when she got married in the late 60's...I could have never fit into her dress.

Sue said...

Congratulations to your parents! These photos are lovely. Thank you for sharing them ... :)

Teena said...

That was great! Thanks for sharing :) It was almost like being there!