Sunday, October 29, 2006


Passion Flower blooms indoors now!

Peace and Horror!

It was only Wednesday the 26th of October when I took these last photos of the Fall Colours on the way from our home to Peterborough, to pick up Al.

And it was Saturday night, the 28th, when we were on the way home from Peterborough and ended up in a periless journey through a horrible snow storm!


RheLynn said...

Oh my - I've been there more times than I want to remember ;o) Good thing it didn't get too slippery and you have no 180° or 360° spin stories to tell us!

Glad you made it home with no problems!

Tricia said...

My passion flower is losing all it's leaves. It's not happy!

Ew I would not have liked to have been driving in that. Glad you made it safely home!

John - Melbourne said...

the purple flowers are amzing, and well shot Congrats.

charles ravndal said...

My god that is a lovely looking flower. That is my first time to see that kind of flower and I say it is beautiful!