Monday, October 23, 2006

I Found Treasure!

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This weekend I continued the archiving of my vintage knitting and crafting books.
I want to share with you the best prizes of my find!
I know that those who knit will see the value.
I also put in something for the Gals who have there little Etsy shops for soft toys--patterns!
I cannot believe how emotional it was for me to look at the books from my Great Grandmothers, Grandmothers and my Mom.

I looked through the pages of the books and I began to see crafts that were made. Crafts we had in our lives that my Grandmother had made.
I saw the pattern for the little green knitted lace dress my Mom made for me.
I found the pattern I used to make my first sewn baby jacket in grade 7.

I found the pattern for the Bucky Beaver sock doll I made and gave to someone as a gift.
I found the patterns my Nanny Lil had to knit all the Barbie clothes I had.

I saw old knitting pattern books from 1963, the year I was born. I saw knitting patterns as old as 1914. Most of them could be used in high fashion knits today!

I showed my husband knitting and craft magazines from 1957 when he was born.

I also kept every craft book I have ever purchased since the early '80's.

I am feeling really blessed today!
I have the best books to make beautiful crocheted doilies ever!

I will make the book covers into slideshows. But now I want to show the best treasures of the archives!

This is the drawers of my antique dresser, where I arranged the final place for the books.

War Knits

Soft Toy Patterns

Hats from the '40's

The Glove Makers Instructions

The Prized Posession. A Pull-out from a Periodicle.
Knitting Patterns for socks, knee warmers, and a snood.
The middle pages is a story.
The back pages advertise they will pay one week of your rent for a good story!

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Lisa Whiting said...

I would love to get the pattern for the bever sock puppet.. it is knitted?? get back to me...

lisa at loopy yarns.
Chicago, IL