Sunday, October 15, 2006

Green Thumb Sunday Is Below
Halloween Surprises Came Early

On Friday we had two surprises. The first was my Halloween Swap parcel from Mandy arrived!
When Mandy gets my parcel I will show you a slideshow of what I put in her swap parcel.

It was full to the brim with goodies.

A Witch, a bat, some craft embellishments, A Holland Souvenir, Candy, A Witches' Hat,
Candle Holder Pumpkin, A Pumpkin Lantern, A cute Halloween decorative dish, and a box full of....

Candy Bugs and Grubs!

I even had a special place for the Witch

She kinda has my Mom's smile
Except Mom has nice teeth!

I decorated my piano with the Pumkin Delights

That is a wooden shoe!
And two chocolate footballs and a marshmallow in the middle

Here's me in the Witchy Hat!

Thanks Mandy!
The gift is awesome!

My Second surprise was snow.
So my green garden got snow dandruff!



Mandy said...

Hello Lyn,

I'm so glad your parcel arrived safely and of course that you loved the contents. I loved the witch, my mom and I spent the whole morning hunting for things to buy for the swap and came across a little shop that sold the witches. It was like a grotto, full of halloween goodies and the witch was hanging right above us.. I said "I just have to buy that witch" lol

I'm really looking forward to receiving my box too (I'm like a big kid)!

I'm thinking about doing a Christmas swap actually, so if you're interested keep an eye on my blog. I'll be posting details this coming week!

I'm really into this swap thing now hehe.

Oh and I'm taking part in Green Thumb Sunday too (I'm about to post my pic for this week) You have snow already! that's awesome.. I love snow :=)

Take care

Tricia said...

Hey that's great that you and Mandy swapped Halloween decorations. She gave you a lot of nice stuff. Very nice.

We didn't get snow in Toronto. (Trish does a happy dance). It's so early for snow! Well I know we might get a few flakes here and there that melt right away ... but snow that accumulates? Now way! Well be thankful that you aren't in the Buffalo area, they got hit really bad.

If I have any flowers still blooming when we get our first snow I'm heading out with my camera to get some "cool" photos.

Debbie said...

I post falling leaves and you post snow. We must be getting into a major change of the season! Hope your garden was ready for the dusting!

I hope you have a wonderful day and a great week too!

John - Melbourne said...

SNOW! We've just had our second hottest day for October on record! I don't know whether I'm hot or cold! Thanks for sharing.

Deb said...

Snow! Yay! I love snow but I probably wouldn't love it so much if I lived somewhere that got blasted every winter lol

Happy Green Thumb Sunday :))

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ewwwww, this is one post I don't want to read or see! SNOW, that's like a really bad word for me ;-)

The other stuff however, the nice things from Manyd, is a completely different thing... that's pleasure :-)

Really great Halloween stuff!

RheLynn said...

Wow you got some snow there! In MN it usually snowed on Halloween, so this is early!

That is a neat package - especially that witch!

PEA said...

Hi Lynn...first of all, thank you so much for the birthday wishes:-) Oh wow, Mandy certainly did send you some wonderful Halloween items...I just love the witch:-) I'm so glad everyone seems to be happy with the swap so far!! It was my first swap to organize so I won't breathe easy until everyone has received their parcel!! lol We had snow too and I posted some pictures...UGH! Have a great day:-)

Christine said...

How fun you and Mandy had swapping Halloween decorations. Loved your Witchy Hat and the Witch! :P
The snow looks so pretty! I like playing in it for a day or two, but I'm not one for cold weather. I freeze in 50F weather.
Have a Happy Sunday!

Alice said...

Snow already? Please could you convert it to rain and send it over here At least your garden isn't going to die of thirst.

Have a great week.

Janet said...

You are welcome to it! I know I will see it here soon enough, but right now I'm just gloating that I haven't yet.

Tricia said...

I forgot to tell you, we have a late addition to the Green Thumb Sunday group - Janets Garden. I thought I'd let you know so that you could visit her and give her a welcome to the group if you have time.

I see she's already been here though. :)

Kathleen Marie said...

What an awesome pacakage. I LOVED mine as well. It was fun to participate and see all the goodies come in the mail.

The witch was awesome! Glad I stopped by. I was wondering who all participated and came across you accidently.

Mother of Invention said...

Ate my comment earlier! What a cool and fun idea. We do that at school for Christmas.

(We didn't connect on Fri. but don't worry about it, not a problem and no rush! Whenever you feel like it.)