Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Hallowe'en To You!

Today I will tell you a ghostly tale.
One that I only know.
It may be fake, but it may be real.
You will be scared before I go.

The story tonight is of a day, I knew not so long ago.
Grab your favourite blanky, and safety kitty.....
Are you ready?

Grandmother used to have a table in the grand salon.
This table was small and dark. The finish on the grain was almost blood red, and it shone of a fine polish.

Each time I entered her home, my nose stung of that deep coal oil smell. My first breath would be raw, then the scent mellowed. That strain metalic back-taste upon my breath. My brain would always feel comfort associated with that smell.

The large house was all wood, with a wrap-around portch. The house had too many doors! And this strange one on the corner of the salon. Like there needed to be many escape routes for the earthly creatures that passed o're the threshold.

Now back to that table. That fine dark table. So small one could barely put out tea upon it.
Today there was no tea there. This time there were two seats. One wooden dining room chair, and one piano bench. The bench was covered in a green silk, quilted to show a soft pattern.

I heard shuffling behind me.

There my Grandmother stood with a candle-stick. Her hair was covered by a violet turban. She wore a violet dress to match it.
Her face was soft and she smiled.
"I am glad you have come" she said.

She motioned for me to sit upon the bench. She sat across from me on the chair.

We layed our hands upon the table, with our fingertips outstretched to touch tip to tip.
As like many times before we began to breathe slowly and deeply. With eyes closed, and clearing our minds with every breath.

I slowly opened my eyes. Blue light began to glow around our fingertips, and it grew larger as I stared upon it.
I began to notice small sparkley lights in the air, near to the ceiling. They were like little flickers that floated across my view as I looked into the ceiling corner.
I could smell something.
It was like strong perfume. But it had this weird fruity back-scent.
At that moment I felt my Grandmothers toes jerk forward to bang mine.
"Make sure you don't take your feet off the ground! Flat feet, like mine. Keep touching my feet!" she said in a desperate manner.

The room began to swirl slowly. I was not quite ready for that, and I shut my eyes. Not tight. Just to relax my brain a bit. As my eyes stayed shut I began to notice a glow. A glow in my mind's eye. That space above your eyes when they're shut. It was becoming intense. I opened my eyes again.
Now the blue glow between our fingers was like a large orb encompassing our hands. I could feel no temperature change, yet there was a sparkley feeling in my hands. The glow in my mind's eye was getting stronger. My vision of the place where I sat became lost in the soup of glow in my head!

My face began to feel really weird. Like something was tugging on my muscles and making certain ones flex. My right eye began to twitch. Then my right cheek. My right corner of my mouth, and the area around the crease of my chin. I was becoming distorted. Strange spasms had one half of my face.
Then suddenly I had this feeling I was falling fast!
I was suddenly aware of my whole surroundings. I was out of my body!

I could see my Grandmother and myself sitting at the table below me. As I had a better look, I realized that the table was raised off the ground. Grandmother and me still had our feet bonded to the floor and touching. Our hands still lay upon the table in the original mannor. Yet that table was floating! I was amazed by that! Then it dawned on me that I should be more amazed at the fact I was not in my body!
At that point the room began to glow blue. Shadows appeared all around us.

Gathered around us were several shadowy figures. I could not quite make out who they were. They seemed to be talking to eachother, yet I could not hear them speak. I saw their motions, as if they were discussing the situation amongst themselves.
I did not feel like being in the room any longer. As soon as I thought that, I was somewhere else! I was floating over trees.
I should have been cold! I wasn't cold. I could smell the fresh air, and the scent of firelogs burning.

Something was happening to my head. It felt weak. I was dizzy again.
Everything was a blur. Suddenly I was walking. It was very cold. I felt so small. There was a horrible stink in the air. A smell like dank and wet caves.
I could hardly see. I was carrying a large wooden bowl. The bowl was almost too big for me to manage.

I was walking in a corridor. A long dark corridor. There were recesses in the walls, and in these recesses glowed hot embers with whisps of fire from the logs laid therein. I could not speak. My feet were bare. I wore a plain brown smock. I saw people pass me by. I must be a child.
They are all bigger than me. Ahead there are torchlights. I hear sounds. Low mumbling. It seems there may be a well-lit room ahead. I continue on with my bowl. I soon turn to my left to find a large hall. There are alot of pillars going to the ceiling. It isn't fancy. It is a very unlavish place, but there are lots of benches and tables, and quite a few people are sitting around and talking.

Their clothes are nicer than mine. Not too much more colourful, but definitely newer and of finer material. Another dressed like me guides me by the shoulder through the room to a large table of food.

"Put it here luv"

I put down my large bowl upon the table. Now I see it it filled with fruit. My stomach begins to growl.
I peer under the table and see scraps of bread.
I go to pick up a piece.

Suddenly I am yanked backwards! I'm in trouble. The strong pull doesn't end! I am dizzy once more, and I am moving quickly backwards. I am losing my perspective. I don't know what is happening. I am confused!
I stop moving. It is black. I cannot see anything. I am looking for even a dim glow......Nothing............

I am aware my face is distorted. My mind clears more. I open my eyes.
Right in front of my face is a face! A large face. So close I can't see it properly. I feel my breath bouncing off the face.
I slowly drift backwards..........
It is a very small woman. Very round features. Her cheeks are soft and round. Her eyes are really bright and cheerful.
She begins to speak, but I cannot hear her words.

She is looking at me perplexed. She does not know why I cannot hear her.
She speaks again.
She knows now I still cannot hear her.

Suddenly a spasm hits me. I heave a dry heave like I am going to be sick.
A loud wretch, raw and loud erupts from my chest.
My eyes slam shut with the reaction. All the blood rushes to my head.
Oh I hate that feeling! That pressure ..................................
That moment my soul re-enters my body..............

And the table slams down to the floor once more.

Is the tale true?
It might be so.
Just remember, don't ever sit at a small table with me

A little Bum Flesh humour

goes a long way!
Tonight there'll be lots of kids at our door!

Carl brought home cupcakes!

The Two Avatars of Witchamy, my alter Ego!

Now to fulfill Chumly's request,
I bring you Photos of a Halloween past.
This one is at Eva's place.
Carl and I are ready to go!

I bet everyone wants to be a socket to someone's plug!

Oh Me! In my Witchy Splendor! All Gothed up and No Place to Gho!

One of Lynn's basic effect shots.

Lou, all pimped out!

Eva and Lou

"Where's Heff?"

Wow! Lots of Devils with the red dresses on!

Wasn't That A Party?


Pud said...

Happy Halloween, thanks for the posts!

RennyBA said...

What a great, exiting and very informative post! For Norwegians, Halloween celebration is a quite new thing. Your post helps a lot to get the spirit so thanks for sharing all this with wonderful photos!
Btw: thanks for your nice comments on my blog: I'll "Fool the beasts with my attire" the very best I can:-)
Happy Halloween to you too!

amanda said...

whether true or not, that was quite a fun story! happy halloween :-) btw, i'm here via the queer chef, and what a magical find it's been!

RheLynn said...

Wow - what a story and lots of Halloween pictures! Looks like you have a fun crowd there :o)

Sue said...

Happy Halloween!!!

Anonymous said...

Great costume pics! :)

Happy Hallowe'en. :)

Thanks for stopping by. :) It is still warm here in Munich - we've had daily highs of around 20°C for the past two weeks. :) It's supposed to be ending Thursday, though, with forecast highs of zero for later in the week. But up until now, it's been a lovely autumn.

Have a great day. :)

Tricia said...

Not sure if it's true or not. Is it? :) Great story and I love the halloween costumes. Looks like a fun time. :)

Osquer said...

Fantastic story! You can sit at my table any day!

Great Hallowe'en post! Really terrific!

SJ said...

What a story, true or not!!!

You sure crammed a lot of halloween spirit into this post!

Teena said...

Happy Halloween!!!

Just Expressing Myself said...

The best Halloween photolog I've seen.
You make a lovely witch!
And I love the "full moon" graphic.
Thanks for sharing.

Mother of Invention said...

good witch tale! We'd all like to sit at that table while you do our tarot cards!!! WHOOO!

We didn't have 1 kid come last night since we're in the business section. I walked around town just to look at the pumpkins! I love them. They're a lot more intricately carved than they used to be.

tin-tin said...

hmmm.. could be true. but one thing is for sure, i like your costumes :)