Sunday, October 01, 2006

The Last Blast of Colour Before Fall Sets In

I am posting late today because Carl and I were out a better part of the day, in the back yard cutting down and digging up plants.
I purchased some purple and pink varigated Tulips, some pink Daffodils and some varigated Narcissis in the back garden
We also have put in some yellow Tulips.
Last year we revamped all of the gardens, front and back. We put in huge beds of bulbs in the front, but we only put one bed of Narcissis in the back, that was left over when we finished the front.
I have to plant all of my bulbs really deep, cuz we have a squirrel problem here.
I lost no bulbs last year to the squirrels, so I was ready to bulb-up the back garden.
So now the garden along our back fence has 6 large beds of bulbs.
I have one bed of bulbs on the side garden.
I may add more on the side later this fall.
I didn't want to over purchase bulbs and have no time to put them in, so I was lean on the bulb shopping while our weeks have been plagued with rain.
We have one corner of the garden(by the waterfall) that is flooded, so it needs another week before we can clean back there.
The front we finished earlier, and our last task for coming weeks is to move a few perennials from near the back wall of the house to other parts of the yard.
I want to take out all the perennials from there, cuz I think we will build a deck in the spring.
(at least I am hoping we can- its always about the money)
The plants below are our last blast of colour.


Mrs Lifecruiser said...

REally nice colors on these flowers. And how green the middle one is, really fresh green.

Yes, it's always so nice with a lot of bulbs, I love them too :-)

Sounds like your garden will be fabulous.

Lucy said...

Wow -- that is alot of bulbs. I bet your sore. My shoulders ache -- i spent most of yesterday rearranging and replacing some bushes.

Thanks for the advice about squirrel protection. I think i'll need it.

Teena said...

Wow! Great colours! I have a small terrace and don't keep any flowers because I forget to water them :( But I will live vicariously through you :)

John - Melbourne said...

Tired bones, muscles, sore, muddy, hurt, scratched... but I'm sure the day in th garden was well worth it! Rewarding too I hope!

Christine said...

My MIL did alot of yard work this weekend too, she'll be sore for sure tomorrow. It's been so nice here this weekend, Summer's over, and the nights are nice to get out of the house and into the yard. I won't be planting bulbs until next month, but it sounds like all your hard work will be worth it. Your garden will look fantastic. Beautiful shots. Love the colors of the rose bud. :P

guppyman said...

I'm working on getting bulbs planted... Nice colors you posted today...

Mother of Invention said...

Nice, Lynn! Hope you didn't do too much work for your body! We decorated for fall today, inside and out. We bought about 9 pumpkins and hung orange leaf wreathes and sunflower ones as well. Lots of Indian corn. Our flowers are still pretty much in bloom so we're still feeding them. The leaf change should be great by Thanksgiving next weekend. I love this time of year!

Tricia said...

What is the middle flower, it looks familiar but I can't think of the name. Lovely photos.

Am I the only one that didn't plant any new bulbs yet or what? ( I've only got about 3000 in the ground already, but I need more! LOL).