Thursday, October 26, 2006

Healing Prayers Are Needed Today

I have a friend I made through blogging. She has KnitOwl blog. Her name is RheLynn.
She and her hubby are highly reguarded by my family.

They are young and married and left their home state for work.
They got a chance to work together by fluke.

They dream of having a farm for sheep one day.
They work hard for a job well done.
They have a great attitude, and they are working in the same circles as my Son Alex.

So we have a bit of an affinity with their lives.
Through RheLynn I learned about knitting charities.

They love cats!

And RheLynn is a knitter too!

We email gab as well as give props to eachother in comments, and it is a real cool penpal life for us.

At the beginning of the week Mr J. (her hubby) fell at work and shattered his wrist and did a faceplant on the floor and damaged his teeth.
This is a serious situation, but still I have to giggle cuz it is amazing that us geeks would have this risk at our job!
Laying cable is serious business.

This is a really traumatic stituation, and today Mr J is having surgery on his wrist and hand.
It is a scarey thing, being so far from family, and having to have surgery!

For those of you who remember how bad it was when Cam hit Carl in the face with the golf club driver, you can remember how traumatic that was for our family...
Well Mr J has that injury plus the wrist!

Please send all your healing thoughts and prayers toward Tennessee.
If you want to join the prayer list below, feel free.
Thank You!


Lynn said...

I send the healing purple light to Mr. J for speedy recovery and safe surgery. Blue light of patience and calm for RheLynn so she stays strong.
I pray to the God of my understanding for the health and well-being of this couple.

Mother of Invention said...

Sending you healing energy! Welcome The Light.

Anonymous said...

Thinking good thoughts for Mr. J and RheLynn today. The outcome will be good and in 10 years they will laugh about this!