Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm Tired And I'm Busy
This is a bad combination.
It will end badly.

Well once in a while this gal who is on very restrictive activity level cannot help but end up busy.
I say about once a month I find myself with a week that is overwhelming.

I am excited about having Al home for a few days, but it has been tiring driving to get him and then driving with him for errands, two days in a row.
And...Friday is the big Show for Cam's band.

I am tired and my body won't sleep.
So I am gonna take a blog break for a day or so.

My friend Charles does something really neat when he gets busy.
He asks people to ask him questions about himself, his interests, his hobbies and fun, and his work.

So I am going to do this.
You guys get to ask me questions in comments and I will answer them.
You can ask me anything.
You don't have to be a blogger to participate.

I will start you off with something.

My favourite colour is Purple.
(notice the Canadian spelling!)


Lynn said...

Ok so you are here now! You have to ask me a personal question. I will do my best to answer it in a timely fashion over the next day or so.
No question is silly, and I will do my best to answer truthfully.

karaoke queen said...

Purple can be spelled another way????

Just a 'hi' from another Canadian blogger.

crygibb said...

Ok here goes one for ya!
What was your most memorable birthday, and why?

Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Lynn said...

The most memorable birthday for me was in 1999. I was in Europe. I was doing the "Amification of Europe tour!" We rented an old train station and I had a big party. My European friends came from all over for the party. Norway,Belgium, Austria, all over Germany, The Netherlands. We all converged at the train station. I cooked pub fare from Canada. Chicken Wings, Garlic shrimp, Lazagna, and Burgundy Meatballs, plus I made salads and had veggies and dip. We drank till dawn and ate like mad. We danced, and had a blast! We went home at 4:30AM as the sun was rising.

Mandy said...

Hello Lyn,

Okay, what is your favourite (note the English spelling hehe) 3 course dinner combination?

Thnx for popping over, it's taken me until now to get round to people from last Sunday! lol


Lynn said...

Oh wow. That is hard. 1)A multi greens salad with balsamic dressing.

2)I would say Prime Rib Roast, with Yorkshire Pudding, Steamed carrots cubed with parsnip(so it looks like yellow and orange cubes), mashed potatoes(whipped), home-made gravy.

3)Creme Brulee (sorry darn keyboard has no accents)with fresh berries on the side.

4)Congnac after the meal.

steve said...

i'll play... whats the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you and the nicest thing you have ever said to anyone?

crygibb said...

I had to check back and se the answers..sounds like you had a fun party. How cool to have friends from all over that were able to join in the fun.

RennyBA said...

This question me thing is great and thanks for asking about the Norwegian Vikings on my blog - the answer will be given around my blog anniversary in a couple of weeks.
So the question to you... hmmm: If you for one week could go wherever you like in the world, where would you go and what would you like to experience?

chumly said...

Enjoy your day off! Do you go trick or treating door to door like we do in Pennsylvania? Or is it more getting together in parties?

Lynn said...

Ok Steve,

I think the nicest thing anyone has said to me was not actually a word. But an action. My Friend "Annie Fanny" was very ill, and she would not live too long. We decided to take a vacation to Las Vegas. She had a friend there that came to meet us and hang out with us all the holiday.
Ann never stopped laughing the whole trip.
She laughed so hard on that trip she would cry. But she laughed and experienced alot of joy.
That was the best thing anyone ever said to me was....a constant laugh.

The nicest thing I have ever said to anyone. I have an emotion that I express alot. But it is really heartfelt. I say it at home all the time, but I also say it to old friends whom I may not have seen in a long time. I tell them I am proud of the person they have become. I said this to an old highschool friend, and I noticed he was a bit taken back when I said it.
I guess I have expectations of people and I always hope they lived up to the potential I could see in them. I am always very proud of folks who have become great, average people. As I have gotten older I realize that finding folks who you can be proud of is not so easy as it sounds.

Lynn said...

Ok RennyBa
If I could go away for a week anywhere I would have to choose The Galapicos Islands. Our Royal Museum has trips there with a guide who takes you on an education holiday. I am one of those Darwinians who has a great belief that God created evolution. I want to see those wonders of evolution.

Lynn said...

Well Chumly the answer is both. All kids trick or treat here. And they do it on the 31st whichever that day falls.
But being the witch that I am we also have gatherings. But the celebrations are not just on the 31st.
Actually each Sunday of the current moon are celebration days.
If we have a gathering it could be like a costume party, or it could be a ritual. It depends on what everyone is doing, and who plans what. This year we are subdued.
So it will be a quick ritual each Sunday around the fireplace, and trick or treats on the 31st.
I will post some pics from a past party.

Jessica Doyle said...

Ok - here goes.

During your lifetime has someone said something to you that still inspires you to this day?

I've made it over finally to your blog :) I was over earlier checking out the flickr photo set you did of the halloween packs you were exchanging. They were were great! Anyhow Lynn It is nice to be making your aquaintance.


Mother of Invention said...

What is your fondest childhood memory?

Lynn said...

The thing that someone said that inspires me today. My grade 12 Biology teacher used to tell us, "You know less than nothing." While trying to explain that no one can actually ever be an expert for very long. Helps put the big picture of life into perspective. His name was Mr. Shimovitch. We called him "Shimmy"

Lynn said...

My fondest childhood memory. I have alot of them. I can actually remember back as far as me being 18 months old. I thought that was normal. I found out it is not. Guess I had a good childhood! My fondest childhood memory was doin stuff with my Dad. Dad was a Cop. He used to be stationed in the area we lived in. If Dad had his days off and he had to go to the station to pick up his cheque he would take me with him. All his cop buddies would take me around the station and show me stuff if there were no prisoners in there. I got to sit in a cell, and get fingerprinted, and look at different stuff they had around. But the best of all thing was going to the stables. The Station my Dad worked at when I was a kid had a set of stables in it. I used to get to go there and see the horses. I love the smell of leather because of that childhood experience. I was always so amazed how long the horses' eyelashes were. I got to pet them and sometimes brush them. The stable master would give my dad broken reines and we would take them to the shoemaker and have him make them into short leashes for the dog. That coincides with my other fondest memory. We trained our dog for hunting. She was a field trial dog. So she was trained to compeat in fetching game after it was shot. Through whistle and hand and voice signals the dog would be guided by us to fetch the animal(mostly ducks and pheasants and partridge)I learned how to run the dog and we would run her almost every day. We used special props called dummies that got thrown for her to find.