Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Holiday Weekend is Over!
We had a really nice long weekend. Carl, Cameron and I were very tired all weekend. Cam had to work Saturday and Sunday, and Carl and I just didn't have the energy to do the long list of chores we had planned. So we took the weekend off. Only a few little jobs got done. I made and decorated the cake, and Carl painted 4 cupboard doors, and prepared a repair for Alex and Amber's Kitchen table legs.
It sounds like we did alot, but we had planned to do work in the garden and some extra tidying in the house, and we did none of that. I am glad we relaxed.
With me not being able to do much on my own these days, we usually try the tag-team approach to stuff I could do by myself before. Basically that means I plan the work, I do tiny bits, then stop, and tiny bits and stop, and Carl does the hard stuff.
It is fun having a buddy there when you do work, for sure. I always feel bad that I need help with my chores now, but Carl doesn't seem to mind.
On Monday we had alot of activity. We went to Toronto. We visited my parents for about an hour, then we picked up Carl's Mom for a trip to Alex and Amber's in Peterborough. It is a 1 hr drive to Toronto, then almost a 2hr drive from Toronto to Peterborough.

(Carl assembling his table repair on the balcony)

(Nanny Tucker (Lillian) enjoying the visit. She is 93)

Alex made a lovely roast for Thanksgiving dinner. We had roast beef, mashed potatoes, salad, and Al's famous gravy! Then the cake and french vanilla ice cream for dessert. Our grand-baby kitty was having a blast with all the company. She was very playful after having an afternoon nap. This was the first time Cameron got to see kitty Candy. He was surprised by how small she is. He has never played with a kitten before. He only plays with his friends' adult cats.
(Alex preparing to make gravy for that huge roast!)



(Me cutting the cake.)

(Guess Who? Cam, Al, and Me)
(see the necklace Joette made me!)


(Candy. If you look closely at the top of the photo you will see a screw in the wall. Amber has new pictures to put up, and exposed the screw. Candy plays with the screw in the wall. Jumps up and paws at it.)

(There is the grey zip clip Candy likes to play with)

Candy learned two new tricks. When Amber jumps in the air, Candy copies her. It is sooo cute.
Then they discovered Candy's favourite toy. It is a very firm zip strip from a computer cord (like a big firm clamp with a long tail). Candy chases across the floor, then she picks it up and brings it to you so you can fling it along the floor for her to chase.

(Look at Candy's kitty eyes glowing!)

(Carl playing with Candy)

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Mother of Invention said...

Everything looks nice and homey at your place. Even your cat loves to be there! I can see she has wormed her way into your hearts as cats are wont to do! I miss kittenhood!

There's always a list of chores but sometimes it is just nice to ignore it!