Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Well yesterday I had a very interesting MSN messege from borrowed son Rob.
It was around noon, and he messeged me from work.

Did you hear what happened to Becky? (his sister)
I said No.

He said she had her baby this morning.

Holy Crap!
She isn't due for another month!

We haven't even had a shower for her yet!

Oh boy.
Here is me with 3/4 of my knitted out fit done and all the presents in shopping bags on the floor, and the baby is here!

Poor thing. You can take that as an Aww for the wee baby who came early, but also for poor Mom who ended up with an unplanned C section.

Nothing ever goes like planned. The baby tried to do a face plant exiting the warm place. Not easy to do. Dr. felt it would be way less dramatic and traumatic than delivered posterior (spine to spine and face up).

For a month early he is a good size. 6lbs 1 oz I believe. I expected him to be full term 7 and change cuz Becky is really petite.

He is in a warm isolation bed as a precaution for jaundice.

Grandma Charlotte says the baby is really cute! Her first Grandchild.

Lucas, Robert Blair. I think it is a great name. I wonder if he will have reddish hair like his Dad?


Sue said...

Maybe he just wanted to be a little Scorpio .. ;)

Goodly that Mama and son are doing well.


Marion said...

congratulations to mother and son! I'm glad both are doing well!