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Flow And Resistance Frozen In Time
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Join me on a wonderful journey into the imagination of a man.
Part scientist, part artist.
The line is fuzzy between them.

A few months ago my Husband Carl forwarded me a link to a web site that one of his colleagues at his super-duper, geek-a-leeka, IT, client-server job had sent to him. Now among the computer folk the amazing sites get passed around very quickly. In the non-geek computer circuit the sites get passed around at moderate speed, but in giant user lists left over from the last chain letter they sent. I am not sure which of these ways of passing information gets the word out there, about a cool site, faster. I guess I will have to do an experiment with the high tech Internet "telephone" game.

Today I will publish my blog post on my site.
I will send out my blog action note to my big honkin reader list. I will then send my Husband one email with the link to the blog post on it to forward to the colleagues. Lastly I will send this blog link out to a bunch of my friends who send me cute little jokes and medical reports, and memes, and chainletters so they can forward it.

For this experiment I would really appreciate it if you would leave a comment here on the blog, and if you are a blogger sign in on the linky. At the end of all this I will pass the information on to this wonderful artist that I want to tell you about. What would be really great is if you could send him a note on the email on his site, or in the comments section of his blog, so he can get feedback from those of you who don't have websites or blogs for contact.

I really want to see how many people can look at his site in a 48 hr period, from one nudge on the net.

The World Of Martin Waugh

I was so enthralled by the beautiful things I saw on this man's sight, I have been compelled to share it with you. I wish that real life would have allowed me to publish this when I first wanted to….But you all know how unpredictable life is….

As unpredictable as the most organic feelings of peace I felt on the day I opened up Martin's Site. Liquid Sculpture.......When one puts their mind to it, you can't imagine how to make liquid, this flowing and ebbing constant motion only shaped by a meniscus for a moment, making any sort of static shape! (link)

Martin did it! He didn't put the liquid in a gel, he didn't freeze it into a shape. He captured it like a wild beast, in high speed resolution, with light boxes, in static pictures to tame that beast. Frozen moments of time, with just the right light, and just the right liquid to create the most immense beauty from motion.

This is science. Martin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics. We all know that only a wondrous few can make it through a degree in physics. The one degree where the educated must attain knowledge in mathematics, science of energy, motion, strength, time and the limits that gravity poses to Man on this earth.

I have been so fortunate to be able to interview Martin about his work. This is what he had to say:


Q: How long have you been taking photographs?

A: On and off for 40 years. I've been doing the liquid sculpture images for about five years.

Q: How long have you been using digital (I am assuming)?

A: Yes, I use digital (I could never have made mistakes fast enough to develop my techniques with film.) I have been shooting digital for about 6 years.

Q: What kind of Camera do you use?

A: I have used pretty much the full line of Canon's high-end consumer digital SLRs: D60, 10D, 20D, and 5D.

Q: Did you hand-make a lot of the things you use like light boxes etc?

A: I have made almost all of my equipment: light boxes, stage, dropping devices, timing and triggering electronics, computer programs to control it all. The flashes are stock flashes (Vivitar 285HV), but I have modified them for manual control of flash duration.

Q: Did you ever expect that other people would be so consumed by your work?

A: Friends and I have always thought that these images should be pretty much universally appealing, but I have been happily overwhelmed by people's reactions. People of all ages, all nationalities, and cultures can relate to the forms. Visitors to my web site hail from over a hundred countries. It gives me pause. It must be a fundamental connection. Perhaps primordial. Perhaps it is a visual connection to our balance system in the inner ear – the liquid forms exactly reflect the perfect balance of forces at play. I think that we feel the balance that they show us and it is relaxing and invigorating.

Q: Do you have an interesting story to share that happened because of the art?

A: I started my still-born blog with a story of one of my favourite experiences:

A few months ago, I received email from a science teacher at an American School in Brazil. She explained that her 5th grade students were doing some science lessons about water and surface tension and such. She had seen my…..READ MORE


You have to read the story in his blog. It is such a great statement to how this type of image can change kids' lives!

I was a science geek. I don't know about you, but even in the sciences in high school and college, I found physics dry and tense, and so extremely detailed that I found it a bit frightening! I was never sure if I was understanding the formulas or concepts until I was in my second year of college! By then I was using the tools of physics to do applications pertaining to my future job, and the information gelled.

Till now, I was at a loss on how to make physics interesting for younger kids, and older folk who know nothing about physics but possibly Newton's law, because it was on a commercial on TV. I have used physics with the late teens while teaching my Driver Education class. For them, understanding that math and physics is all there is to, the motion of, driving could be daunting, but when they see it drawn on the board it finally all makes sense.

A picture…... Make it into a picture, and people can understand!
In this world we see images created to teach us all day, every day……teach us about new products, about what the new trend the competitive people need to keep up with the 'Joneses' is this week. We see pictures showing us where to go. We see images that make us curious to learn more. And we see moving pieces that entertain us daily. So why not take a moving image and break it down into its parts, so we can see the event, and not just the product.

That is what Martin Waugh has done. He has captured fluid in its static form, within its motion. To create the most beautiful and peaceful images anyone can imagine. His photos capture the purest essence of form.
Sometimes when I look at the images I hear music in my mind or my memory reminds me of a smell these images feel like. I bet you can look through all the photos and find one photo in there that you can say, "That photo represents me, my personality, my point of view." Please look at the series of photos in this sight. When you comment please tell us the name of the photo that represents you, or you liked the most.

Martin says that he produces logos for businesses with his photos as well. I bet Motivated Motion could use liquid as a logo-ehh? Ooo something for me to ponder!

Martin's site is one that everyone, who reads my work, HAS to view! Your day will be uplifted by what you see! Please pass the link to this post on to someone else and make their day too!

Hope you didn't miss the Dancing Water Video behind the lines of Water Droplettes!

Links to Martin's Site and Blog:

web site:


All captured photograph images were used with the authorization of Martin Waugh. All images seen on this post and on links from this post are the copywrite protected images owned by Martin Waugh. Legal action will be taken against anyone who uses these images without written permission by Martin Waugh. See details and regulations for permissions, or Branding use, at Martin Waugh's web site listed above.

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Lynn said...

For the next 48 hrs this post will be up for an experiment. I know you will love the work Martin does, and it will be worth the look into the site.

The experiment is to see how much traffic can be sent to one website in 48 hrs. If you want it to be record breaking then you can send a link to this post to a friend or ..10!

I really like Martin's work. It is so tranquil!

Lynn said...

The photo that represents me is "beads and a screw"
I am the screwball that would run through that perfect pattern.
I am the nonconformist who always says. I keep my house messy so no one will ever feel less when they come to visit. One will always feel better about their housekeeping skills after leaving my home.
I work hard at imperfection!

Candy Minx said...

Hi Lynn!

Thanks for dropping by my blog and letting me know you had conducted this interview. I really found the photos and discussion incredible. I am going to spend a lot of time looking at those photos. So for your experiement purpose...Your heads up at my blog, and our connection as a Candian bloggrollers is how I came to hear about this post.

I am looking forward to seeing how this experiment plays out.


Mandy said...

Sorry to jump in, just wanted to say hi to you Lynn. I did the halloween shop today (took me ages to choose all the bits and pieces lol) and your box is now all ready and waiting to go to the post office tonmorrow. It's so exciting! hehe

Mandy :=)

Sue said...

I did a quick scan and this is what jumped out at me from all the rest: "Meditation"

I also commented on the blog .. :)

RheLynn said...

Wow - very amazing. I really liked your interview with him about the process too!

RennyBA said...

What a great post Lynn with an intersteing interview and great picture links. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend:-)