Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Very Own Cad-Pad Knitting Bag!

Na Na Na Na Na Na! I have the only one!

Happy Birthday To Al
He is 21 today!

Cam on Left, Carl, Al on Right

Now I feel really special cuz I found this perfect case to be my
Army Knitting Bag!


Pembroke Bridge flower box.
Mattawa River


RheLynn said...

congratulations on your new knitting bag and pretty flowers!

Happy birthday Al!

chigiy said...

I love the planter box. Pembroke? Isn't that the name of Mr. Darcy's house in The Pride and Prejudice?

Teena said...

I love the bag! You're stylin'!!

Mother of Invention said...

We have these boxes on our Boyne River in town but they're pathetic and vandals keep on ruining them! Too bad.