Friday, July 13, 2007

Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix Was Amazing
(This blog should hit 20,500 viewers today)

If you want the whole story word for word, you wont get it.
Of course you won't get it.
No one can ever mimic the book when doing the movie, when the book is so long and detailed.

The movie does a great job of bringing all the stories together, so there is an understanding of the books essence.
Yes it is a darker film.
It is more grown up for sure.
We get to see how the teens are forming relationships with the adults as they come together to build the Order of The Phoenix.

The movie moved well.

I am curious to learn more of the lady who played Tonks.
And Old Umbridge...I could just kill her.

I must say though that Umbridge is a character we have all met at school. That one teacher whom never makes friends with students or staff. And they almost always have a very pink sense of fashion.

If you are a fan of the books and the movies so far, you will not be disappointed by this movie.

Of course my mind is already racing to what the next movie will be like now.

Upp....won't be long till the new book is released.
Our trip to Pembroke will prevent me from picking up my book till the following Monday.
It will be exciting.

For those of you who have not secured delivery of a book in Canada, I suggest you go to Shoppers Drug Mart first thing in the morning on the release day. 8 days and counting.

My favourite character in the series so far is Tonks. I think she is like me. A little more than one bargained for-on a Sunday afternoon.
I think that Mrs. Weesley is most like me in appearance and action.


RennyBA said...

Hey, I am the first of your 20,500 visitors!!

Btw: The dynamic duo (I just love that phrase!! has gone crazy in a canoe today:-)

Teena said...

I haven't seen or read the books. I'm probably the only one!

Lynn said...

Teena You are missing out. They are not written for kids. They are an adult read. The vocabulary is solid.
The characters in this series are extremely well developed by the author.
The first two books are so intense with character development you end up sucked into the read and you zip through the books quickly.

Renny I am so glad you and TorAa are having a great holiday!

Vegas Princess said...

I have to agree with you about this film, it was amazing and fantastic! everyone, especially the kids in the film, have come so far since the first movie, you can really see the growth in this one. I have to go see it again because I have that issue when I first see it I start comparing it to the book and think of all they left out, upon view two I don't think of that anymore. But I believe they stayed true to this one very well. Although odd it is the biggest book but the shortest film.

I wish they had done more with Tonks in this movie, she is one of my favorite characters too. Hoepfully they won't cut out her thing for Lupin in the next one.

Only six more days until we discover how it ends! These books are amazing and anyone who hasn't read them is definately missing out. They are not just for kids!