Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Am Home, But I Am Broken

Oh not emotionally broken, physically broken.
At least that is how I felt on Tuesday morning when I woke up.

I had a little stiff neck coming home from Pembroke, but when I awoke in the morning I was in agony. Every joint hurt, and I was swollen all over my body. I could barely get out of bed.
I got out long enough to sit in my chair in the family room and promptly fall asleep all day.
Today I finally got to the chiropractor. Yesterday there would have been no way....cuz I hurt so bad.

Chiropractor said I made a big mistake with the stiff neck. I did one thing I thought would help my stiff neck, that actually made it all worse. I went in the hot tub Sunday night. That is what caused the pain and swelling all over.

Dumb body.....

So I am getting back to normal, and......Harry Potter starts today! Yeah!
I am going with Cheryl tomorrow!

So now I have to rethink my plans for Pembroke in two weeks. I think that we have to scrap the hot tube room.


Teena said...

Hot tub was a mistake?! I adore hot tubs!

TorAa said...

send me the hot tube pls - that's exactly what my back and shoulders need right know. And in the hot tube, I can do the training my kinesolog taught me - training the small muscels.

Hope you neck will recover

Caledonia said...

Hope you feel better soon!