Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Psychic Is Just Back From The Ghost Hunt And Is Now Trying To Pick Just 3 Blogs To Vote For In The Blog Off For Breast Cancer

I have so much to tell everyone about our over-nighter to Niagara On The Lake to talk to the ghosts of Fort George.

It isn't too often that I tell about my adventures as Lynn the Psychic who sees dead people and smells the past. But alas I am more pre-occupied with my task at hand than what I did do yesterday.

My task at hand is to vote for my three top picks this week in the Blog Off for Breast Cancer.

This week our word to write about was HOPE.
All of the work by the members of the competition was fabulous.
I was very stimulated over the last few days as I read the posts. I must admit I had to wait until tonight to read quite a few of the posts.
It figures that the first two weeks of the Blog Off would have me unplann-ed-ly busy, all of a sudden. And this mess won't end until Monday next week.

When I do my voting for the bloggers I get out a recipe card for each week. I first read the blogs who post at the same time as me, or before me on the posting day. I try my best to give an honest comment to each participant. If I don't comment it is because I have not figured out how to comment to a bloggers typepad or lillypad without registering, or I just can't find the comment link. Most of the time I do get it, and my comment is recorded. I do get refused ability to comment in the way I think I can do it, then I end up posting as anonymous and putting in my comment my url and name etc.

I must say that I am not the most savvy techno person when it comes to commenting on some blogs. But I get by.

Tonight I am astounded. I cannot choose a top 3. There are way more than 3 great posts, and I am tormented while picking my choices.

Upp see here I went off on a tangent (bad blogger, bad blogger!) So as I was saying I use the recipe card. After I see my original earlybird posters, then I look at last weeks comments and read the blogs of the ones who commented on my blog and left their linky. (I will put a linky at the bottom of this post with a silly list name so you can see it again) After I have exausted the list of folks who commented on my blog, I go back to Courtney's original list and read every single post on the list. I write the blog name on the card. Then a couple of words to jog my memory of the story, and a one word comment if I am inspired, and then a check mark if I think it is really good.

Most weeks I only pick 3 or 4 really great ones, and I eliminate the excess by re-reading the blogs with check marks and choosing my final 3 by seeing if they meet this criteria: 1)excites me
2)makes me laugh or makes me perplexed and analytical
3)sucks me in
4)teaches me something.
5)made me think
6)entertains me

So I must find the ones with the most checks to remain my final three.

This week it is impossible for me to decide this way.
OOOOooo I don't like having to change my intricate system so I can pick just 3, but I have to.

I am HOPING for a revelation.

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