Friday, July 06, 2007

On The Road Again!

Yesterday I travelled to Pembroke for the weekend.

This is a big feat for me because I have not done much independently since the brain injury.

So that has been since 2005.

Of course before that, I was a driving instructor and travelled all over. And before that I had my great career as a Long Haul Truck Driver in Canada, the US, and Mexico. So I travelled everywhere for work, and I also love to travel for vacations too!

So back to this trip:

The drive to Pembroke from Newmarket takes about 6 hours.

I took the backway to the main Hwy 7, then took 7 to Hwy 41 in Kaladar, and 41 North all the way to Pembroke. One left turn in town, then a right and 2km along the river and I am at my hotel.

I am staying at the Travelodge in Pembroke on Pembroke Street. See the hotel here.

It is a really amazing hotel.

It has regular sooms, suites and efficiency rooms.

It is full all the time because the hotel hosts weddings and provides temporary housing for Military transfers.

They have an indoor pool with an outdoor cafe. There is a hot tub and a sauna on deck, and there is an adjacent gym. Everything anyone could want!

As I was a last minute booking I will get three different rooms. Last night and tonight I get the single queen which also has a queen sofa bed in it.

Tomorrow night I will have the fancy schmancy suite with the hot tub and king bed and living room in it!

Then Sunday night I am in another room, and I am presuming that is a queen room again!

The staff here is absolutely amazing. They really take into consideration that Military guests are the bulk of their clients so they really help alot!

The dining room is great!

It is called the Oak Barron Bar and Grill.

It is open for all meals, and closes at 10:00PM.

Adacent to the Dining Room is a Lounge for relaxation.

I will talk about my meals later and I will provide photos in my next post.

They give coupons toward the meals each day.

Oh.....and I have WiFi here! OMG this is just a peach! I can travel all around the hotel avec laptop and work on my blog and such anywhere!

They even have a really lovely gift shop. The prices are about the same as the Hallmark Cards warehouse stores.

The really great thing besides the service here is that every staff member has uniforms shirts on that have "Support Our Troops" embroidered on it.

My road trip to get here was great!

I stopped in Peterborough on the way for a break with Al.

I took him to renew his licence. Can you believe it? It has been 5 years since Al got his driver's licence.! On Sunday he will bef 21 years of age. The years have gone by so fast. I just cannot believe that Al has been my son for 21 years. So that means that tomorrow will mirror the day I went into labour. I will tell that story on Sunday. It is a goody.

I was gonna camp here, but the weather is not good. Days are great, but there will be thunderstorms every night. So I am gonna just go and look at the campsite, and I will just stay here at the hotel. I am so glad I covered my butt, and booked the hotel just in case......

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RheLynn said...

Have fun on your trip - it sounds like you've got great accommodations and no real rush!