Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh The Weekend Was A Blast!

Oh, so it was Canada Day on July 1st. I have great pics of the weekend, but I am trying to get caught up on my past video editing.

We had Al and Amber and Kitty Candy here this weekend. We had a BBQ.
Carl has gone now to be stationed in CFB Petawawa for a month. He is taking his DP1 course.

On to catching up on video....

I edited my first compilation video tonight. It is the Sharon Temple fundraiser. It was quite easy using Vista's Windows Video Editor. Cam showed me how to use it. Yet I had to put it into 2 YouTube videos cuz it exceeded the limit in size.

I can't believe all this video is just snippets taken with my Canon Power Shot A60.

Here is the video in two parts:

Wait till you see the fireworks video and the tattoo video!

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