Friday, July 27, 2007

Can you tell me the purpose of war?
It is Karma? Is it cleansing?
Or is it the part of human nature you lost control of in Eden?

I don't speak much about war. When your family is military you have to really be careful on what you say to friends and relatives about war and our part in it.
I can tell you that I am not for war. I am a person who's intention is always to choose a peaceful solution.

Even though my personal choices will always be peace, I am compelled to understand why soldiers exist and what Canada's role is as a peace keeping force for NATO.
Every day I am reminded what it means to a soldier to identify with being a peace keeper and sometimes a peace maker. For my Son and Husband are soldiers.

Canada's reserves is one of the highest and most well trained in all the world. Other countries do not put the time or money into the training of their reserve forces because except for now, most reserves in other countries are never called up to fight.
In Canada it is different. We have a small military and our reserves have the opportunity to volunteer for reg. force duty, even when there is no war. They will do a 6month contract with the regular forces and serve as peace keepers wherever they are needed.

In Canada we do not have conscription and our military is hard to get in to, whether in reg. forces or in the reserves. Most of our young soldiers are University qualified young men and women. High school graduates, and have dreams of post secondary education in their future.
To be part of the Military College in Canada one must have a GPA of about 85 on average to even get in. You can dedicated years of military service to be able to go the University after. Also Military personnel get trade training in their units.

Our officers come from two directions. Promoted through the ranks with years of dedicated hard work and leadership training, or as University graduates who earned the right to be trained as officers because of their University dedication.

My husband Carl has been stationed away at a base for the past 4 weeks. He is taking a military vehicles driving course and a communications course. And I have been saturated with military breath for the last month.
My trips up to the base and its surrounding towns dipped me into the honey of the families that live with war every day.

The conversations usually always bend towards NATO and Canada's soldier pride in serving in this force. The soldiers love their job, and don't have to be reminded how deadly it can be.
Families of soldiers who go to war are like families of Cops who work on the streets. You know it is dangerous and so you live on a daily basis. You don't forget to recognize the little things and you don't sweat the small stuff.

Some days you are the soldier and you are an Angel in the public eye, and some days you are the soldier and you are the Devil in the public eye. And there is always someone in the family who will run you down if you choose military service, because they are elitist and believe military is open only for the dregs of society and one should never bring down a family's reputation with mere military dedications.

The spouses and children, and most Mothers of a soldier know that this dedication as a soldier is a calling. It is a personal challenge and one that puts the soldier into a position to hopefully effect change. Like Cops- a Soldier serves.

A soldier serves the people. For us. For mankind.
Some days we watch war footage on TV and it is not real in our mind. We see the carnage with the eyes of the movie makeup trained psyche that blocks out the emotional idealism that this is REAL.

As a Mother and a Wife of a soldier who understands the dedication it takes for a Soldier to BE, please watch the video at this URL:,,2125978,00.html

And remember........this is are not Elite and above suffering.......and people are putting their lives on the line for YOU. And everyone has a responsibility to fellow man.

Wear Red on Fridays to support our troops.
Put a yellow ribbon on your property to show your intentions.
And never treat a Soldier like he is less for the choices he as made. He is your Son, our Son and his calling is for YOUR sake. All mankind will suffer without the Soldier.

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