Wednesday, July 04, 2007

July's Blog-off is beginning.
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This Week's Theme is Survivor

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Here is my competition entry:

To the colony Gabriel was an angel.

When he was a child he was orphaned and was taken in by the Queen’s court as a servant.

The Queen liked Gabriel. She treated him like her own child.

She kept him close and trained him in the ways of the court.

She knew that he would never get the same privileges as an adult as she could lavish on him as a child, for he had no royal bloodline to be recognised.

Throughout his childhood he enjoyed the comforts of her chambers and they dined on the finest nectars of the Gods.

Gabriel would often sit outside in the sunshine and contemplate what his life would be like when he grew up.

He would look to the sky and converse with the Gods and try to bargain with them to keep his status.

Alas, after all the years of hoping, Gabriel grew up and took his rightful place as a court servant to the Queen.

He was determined to be the best servant ever appointed. By doing so, he hoped that he would have great favour with the Gods and possibly be restored as a member of the Royal Court some day.

He toiled each day. He walked many miles to gather materials for the Queen. Whatever her desire, he would find it.

Some days it would seem he would travel for a meagre stick of fruit wood, or some lushess vegetable. And on others he would move building supplies from the farthest colonies for trade.

Gabriel was small. He never grew into a powerful adult. He worked like one of the strong ones though.

As the years passed, Gabriel’s reputation grew throughout the colony.

He was known as The Perfect Little Servant.

Everyone knew of his desire to bargain with the Gods, and they would mock him when he passed by.

“Gabriel, the perfect little servant, prays to the Gods every day for Royal Blood!”

The children would call out as they watched him work so hard.

“Gabriel, the perfect little servant. Favourite of the Queen. Too bad the Gods don’t speak to you Angel.”

The adults would chide at him daily.

Gabriel was not swayed. He vowed to devote time every day to speak to the Gods, no matter what.

It came to pass that the Colony came under attack from the Gods.

There were great fires in the colony and floods, then the crops became poisoned.

Gabriel worked through plagues to serve his precious Queen.

He thought the Gods would notice, and spare the Colony, because of his devotion.

One day he sat on the hill, broken and alone.

“My God, why have you forsaken the Colony? I have been the perfect Angel. I only hoped to become Royal, but I was truly dedicated you and my service to the Queen. You plagued us with fire, and floods, and poisoned our crops. I worked harder and harder...

And all that has become of me is that I am now alone. The Colony is dead. My Queen has perished, and the land is ruined. Yet you keep me alive.

Why do you keep me alive? What is my purpose?”

Suddenly he heard a sound from the heavens, and a thousand faces appeared in the sky.

There were words, but Gabriel could not understand them.

Was he becoming a true Angel?

A beautiful day.... The summer smells are in the air. The kitchen door is open.

Mom is preparing lunch.

The boy is squatting down with a magnifying glass in one hand and the hose in the other.

He peers down at the little hill after an hour of dousing it with the hose.

He spies one lone ant.

He yells out, “Hey Mom! Hey Mom! Come quick! We have a Survivor!

And Gabriel looks up trying to make out what the God is saying.

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Sketti said...

Very good! Very amusing...I look forward to reading your upcoming posts!

Evey said...

Fun post Lynn. Very creative indeed. I am glad you decided to join us all again for the blog off. It is definitely fun to read all the posts each week and the different directions we all take with the words.

courtney said...

I'm so glad you're in the blog-off Lynn, you have such a unique way of looking at the world. I love it!

QueenieCarly said...

Nice twist at the end there. I so didn't see that coming! Great job!

C~ said...

Heeeeeeeee! I never expected that! Wonderful!

Eternity said...

I was very curious, and then I went back and read it again... good job! I must admit, you had me going with "Gabriel".

Vegas Princess said...

I was captivated! What an original and interesting way to approach this week's word. Very enjoyable to read.

tarsi210 said...

Fascinating. A completely different angle than I would have ever imagined. Bravo.

-- Nathan (PhilosYphia)