Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Do You Do When You Are Burnt Out?

Gather up all the knitting projects that have a couple of rows left to finish, and read...

I am on pg 172 of Harry Potter.
I finished the John Saul book. Yep, "Voices at midnight" is a vampire book. I won't give away anything on any of the books.
I don't want to spoil things for folks.

I will tell you that Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows
is reading as well and perhaps even more interesting than the first book. It sucks you in right away and there is beauty in the background. I can envision the movie winning cinematography awards for this one.
It will be bright and dark. A great combination for the final book.

I am not a quick reader or a dedicated reader like most of my friends, but I believe I am making the quickest progress yet, on this last of the series.
I remember reading and listening to the first four books.

I was driving truck then, and I would have the tape playing and my truck partner Deb would be yelling at the characters in the book as we drove.
Neither of us slept much during the Harry Potter runs. We wouldn't want to miss any of the story. I really enjoyed Jim Dale in the audio, as much as I enjoyed the reading.

I was so close to purchasing the audio of this too. I only hesitated because I would love a set all in CD. My first 4 are on cassette tape. So I think I will put those on my Christmas list.

I am really excited about this read.
If you comment about how you liked the book, please don't give away any of the story.

I put this pic up because it may have gotten missed in the big photo array at the beginning of the week. This will be one of my new lace sweaters for fall. I am really excited. All of my knitting projects are just rows away from completion, and I now don't feel like a total dit for having so many projects on the go.

Knitters will agree with me when I say that I have hard ones that require concentration for days I have time and energy to put into them, and easy ones I can even do in the dark for days we are talking our watching a movie or out with friends at a pub or cafe.

I also picked up a few bags this summer that I can tote my work in. I have a million of em, but new ones are just so fun!

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RheLynn said...

Very pretty yarns and lace pattern!

Heh.. yelling at the book characters, that means the reader was REALLY good with his voice ;)