Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Oh A Full Long Weekend!

Thursday was my Birthday, but we didn't really do the Birthday celebrations until Saturday.
Saturday morning Carl drove to Peterborough to get Alex, Amber and Kitty Candy!
On Saturday afternoon we had the family and the Lyons here for a BBQ.
We had chicken teriaki, salad, veggies and dip, and cherries.

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Pamela and Gary Lyon

Alex Lyon

Al and Amber

Cheryl, Gary, Cam, Amber and Al (Pamela is hidden)
My Dad Rich, Carl, and Cam

My Cake
It is a no carb cake with Nutriwhip and fresh rasberries on top
The cake is orange cranberry
It was yummy!

Me gettin ready to BLOW!

This is voted the ugliest photo ever, but I had to promise to post it on the blog.
Al took it and shocked himself. Haha!

Cam, Al, My Mom Sandra, Me



On July 2nd Carl left to be stationed at CFB Petawawa for a month.
He is taking the DP1 course
This is 6AM

Cam and Al dragged themselves outta bed to see Dad off.

I had to take Carl to the Denison Armories which is located in North Toronto,
on the site of the old Downsview Airforce base.
At Denison they catch the bus for the 7hr ride to CFB Petawawa

Getting in ranks for inspection and bus loading prep

These guys leaving on course are 17-50 years of age.
Guess who the 50 yr old is!


Kitty Candy had her birthday on June 30th.
So she is no longer a kitten.
This was her first visit to our place.
She had a blast with stairs and carpet, and the big window
that shows more than a parking lot

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Tomorrow will be video day!
Please return to see the fireworks video, the Canada day on Main Street video, the Candy video,and the Scottish Tattoo Video


Teena said...

Looks like you had a fun birthday. Did you save me any cake??!!

RheLynn said...

Your smile is very big! Looks like you had a great time on your birthday.