Thursday, November 02, 2006

Yes I'm Alive!

Quick note just to let you know I am just a bit busy and taking a few days off blogging this week.
I did not have the most successful brainfreeze this week, so I am laying low a bit so I am ready for my busy weekend.

I will have a Saturday post. I am looking forward to it because I have been saving a most beautiful photo for the Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt!

I sent off my care package to RheLynn and Mr. J after his horrible computing accident! That really does sound funny. His wrist and hand are all operated on and it is a week now since he began his recovery.

I hope Socks For Sheep arrives on Friday in Connecticut.

I will have a bunch of stuff to show you on Sunday. I want to show everyone my new and improved work area, now I have put my knitting machine back to work.

Yep, that's right. I hand knit and I machine knit!
Go figure!
I have a manual chunky machine. I purchased it in about 1989. I didn't use it in the days I worked full-time, and Mom borrowed it. Now I have it again and I am gonna make use of it.
I think I may even get Carl trying it out! I know Cam says he remembers it. He was only a toddler when I used to machine knit. Maybe Cam will try too!

I got some knitting books from Ebay and I will post the photos of them this weekend too.

I am adding this new avatar to go with the new season.
Yep T'is the season of the Rocker Chick! With fairy wings for flavour.


RheLynn said...

Thank you very much Lynn - you are wonderful :o)

Can't wait to see what your busy weekend brings about! A nice organized workarea is great to have, but the dustbunnies always seem to know when to organize the migration back to my desk ;o)

monica said...

What an awesome avitar!!!!

Jennifer said...

Yes, your Socks for Sheep Package arrived safe and sound and it is awesome! I love those cute cupcake pincusions with "sprinkles," I never would have thought of that! And thank you for the zipper pull charm, now I just have to figure out what zipper to put it on!