Monday, November 06, 2006

Are You On The List?
(The blog just clicked over 4000 viewers since June)

I have been busy. So busy I missed several posts in the last week.

I got to some neglected work, including updating my blog network list.

If you have the time they are worth a peek. Also have a peek at the bloggers who put themselves on the linkies.

This is my blog network list.
I watch these blogs as much as I can. Are you missing?

If you are, leave a linky and I will add you ASAP!

If you used to be on the list, and you are not a blog, then you are being moved to another location in the links soon!

If you are not on here, it may be that life evolved and I am just not watchin the blog any more. If you want back on, then linky up!

If you fit into my wonder world of blognationality you will be added. I don't post up ads for stuff, but that doesn't mean you won't make it to my bookmarks. I don't post news blogs or fan blogs. I don't post sick blogs or naked blogs. I usually don't post blogs of people under 18 yrs old. But there are exceptions...if you are articulate and have strong views and a teen, you will be considered.

I also look at all the blogs on the I am Canadian Blogroll at the bottom right of my sidebar. Plus the three Blogrolls- Wordless Wednesday, Saturday Photo Scavenger Hunt, Green Thumb Sunday. Look for them in the sidebar.
I have my own weird blogroll for those who are fridge voyeurs. Find that roll in the fridge in the margin.


Candy Minx said...

Hey, the blog looks great, looks like you've done some housework. I am already on your Canadian blogroll, and I am so glad I joined the Canadian blogroll, because I got to meet you!

I LOVED the photos of the Sharon Temple, I have gone to enjoy the premises and architecture many times at this temple. Very pretty in the fall. I also remember long enough ago when it was a really remote drive out there and many farms. The burbs have really been developed around Toronto now.

Cheers and loved your comments about faith and god! cool girl!

J said...

Thanks for keeping me on the list Lynn, even though I barely have time to read blogs nowadays. I do visit yours when time allows, though.

Lynn said...

I don't base my list by who visits me. I hope they do, but my list is based on a few things. I like a certain kind of writer. The writers are using their blog for a journal of sorts. The writers comment on the culture where they live. There has to be some comedy to the blog, and they writer must not take months and months of a break without announcing it. And of course the blog has to be updated regularly. I like to be amused by a blog, and educated by a blog. Culture blogs are great! These ones are written by folk with an understanding that the person reading the blog is problably from another country on another continent.

Lynn said...
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Teena said...

I feel so neglected and left out :(

RheLynn said...

I'm going to have to go take a look at some of the other people on the list! Thanks Lynn!

**hope you're feeling better this morning**