Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Fun Fun Fun Videos

Wordless Wednesday

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My Hubby sent me this great Christmas Video!It is called "Under The Mistltoe"

My Mom sent me this really cool machine video!


RheLynn said...

Christmas video made Mr.J laugh - and I agree the 'music machine' is CGI (commputer generated imagery) but still way cool! Thanks for sharing Lynn

Anonymous said...

I just discovered YouTube recently and some of the stuff on there is just priceless.
You've reminded me that I need to do something a bit Christmasy on my own blog.
Have a Wonderful Wednesday,

busy91 said...

Gotta love the 2nd one! LOL!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a look at those when I get home from work... happy WW!

RennyBA said...

Both funny in their own ways - thanks for sharing!