Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Please Help Me Help My Friend
(Wordless Wednesday is Below)

This cute baby is Kallie. She is the third child of my best friend's daughter.
Her Mom Theresa is a great Mom. She babysat my kids and she is the ultimate maternal mom.

At the end of the summer Theresa lost her digital camera at the park when she was out with her children.
It was a heartbreak. All the birth shots were on the memory card. So Theresa lost alot of history to do with Kallie's first days.

Theresa is trying to be a stay-at-home Mom and her husband was just laid off last month. They cannot afford to replace the camera.

Theresa has submitted this photo to a contest to win a digital camera.
I want to help her get that camera.
Will you help me help her?
Just click on the photo or the link below to go to the voting page.
Submit your email address, and then reply to the confirm email when it comes.
I know so many of you are at-home-moms and support Moms trying their best to stay home.
I know we all have experience of our husband losing his job at some part of our lives.

Please vote.
Thank You


Sue said...


RennyBA said...

Of course I am always here for a friend of Your friend Lynn - it's done!

Jennifer said...

I voted too, what a cute baby. I hope your friend wins!

Tricia said...

I voted!

Teena said...

I voted! I hope she wins!!

RheLynn said...


Anonymous said...


no milk said...

i voted!

Ronald Allan said...

Glad to be of help. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sweet baby! I voted. Hope they win:D

Holly said...

Oh I'm so sorry for your friend! Technology can sure be a blessing and curse can't it?!

Holly's Corner

John said...

Voted . . . twice.

Lynn, give me an e-mail at northtoalaska(at) . . . I see that someone in your family is a "traveling man (in the 32 sense)" unless, of course, as usual I'm wrong.

Anonymous said...

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TorAa said...

I used all my e-mail accounts. Such a great Idea. Thanks.

Mother of Invention said...

Just voted for her - the sweeter than Gerber baby!