Saturday, November 04, 2006

June, Was The Last Time I Showed My Work Area

My work area is in our family room.
I drift around my family room about every 10 minutes
trying to walk off the pain in my head and neck,
or trying to prevent pain.

Since June I have expanded my work area.
It is no longer just the computer and scrapbooking cubby hole.
Now it is that, plus the knitter's paradise.

My chair is the green one.
Most days I have something
on that little wooden table in front of my chair.
Today it has a yarn ball winder.

My drawers there started three drawers high.
As I expanded the area that I tidied and organized,
my drawer height increased!

Lots and Lots of Yarn!
It is all wound and in catagories.
Some is set aside for specific patterns.
Some is for creating dolls and animals.

I added another table to my work area.
Besides my computer table I also have the knitting table.
You can see there are two more drawer sets.
I would only buy one drawer set at a time.
The rule has been that I don't purchase another
until I am ready to fill it with stuff from downstairs.
Now all the craft stuff that was hap-hazardly stored
throughout the basement, is contained and organized.
No junk!
All the junk is gone!

So here is the knitting table with the
manual chunky knitting machine.
Manual is best if you are creative.
I can use as many colours as I desire.
Automatic machines are usually
limited to two colours.

The view below is from my position
sitting at the knitting machine
looking to my right.

Right in front of me is the fireplace.
It is a bit warm in the house today, so I didn't make a fire

To my left is my computer area, and my storage area.
I have the stereo there too.
I like to listen to classical music
or books on tape when I am working in this room.


Mother of Invention said...

You have a nice space and lovely basement! I'd love a fireplace!

Lynn said...

This is actually not our basement.
We have a backsplit. Our house is 5 stories.
This is the back ground floor.
There are two floors below this and two floors above it.
This is our family room. It has a walk out to the garden.