Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Join The 3 Pin Shuffle

What is The Three Pin Shuffle?: It is an exchange of pins

Are there Rules?: Yes

What date must I register by?: Nov. 27th

How Do I register?: Email Me


1) you need to register by sending me an email with your full postal address and name on it, plus your blog Url, by November 27th, 2006

2)you need to exchange three pins. One must be a flag of your country, I suggest one from your State, Province, or Region(but it is only a suggestion), and the third one can be anything you find fun

3)this exchange is open to women and men over the age of 18.

4)you must send your pins early enough for the recipient get the pin before New Years Eve!
Remember with the Holidays the mail will get slower and slower the closer you get to the middle of December.

5)On November 28th I will put all of the registrants in a bin. I will choose two ballots at a time. The two ballots I choose at each drawing will be swappers. I will send you each an email with the details of your swap partner on it.


RennyBA said...

This sounds exciting - I'm in if you think pins from Norway would be of any interest for others;-)

Lynn said...

I think that most bloggers are like you. Proud of where they come from and interested in other lands and cultures.

So Please email me with your info.

Teena said...

Sounds like fun. Lemme think about it ...

RheLynn said...

I do want to join but wow - getting a pin from my region is going to be hard!

charles said...

Hmmm but first let me check if I manage to find pins that represent Norway. hehehe