Monday, November 06, 2006

I Won A Major Prize!

The Socks For Sheep Draw happened today!
All of us volunteers were put in a draw for neato major prizes!

I won a major prize!

Yarnpie is doin the major work for Socks for Sheep. She told me to check the blog and see the winners.

I'm A Weiner! I'm A Weiner!

Who'd-a-thunk I would need an organizer?
It's like yarnpie actually knows me!

I know my Dad, Mom, Carl and Pauline are on the floor laughing loads!

So check out the links and see my major prize!



Teena said...


RheLynn said...

Congratulations! You sent some really neat stuff to Socks for Sheep!

Mother of Invention said...

You will definitely use that! Neat! Lucky stars, I guess!
Man, you keep up with a lot of blogs. It just takes me so long to read and write comments, I can't branch out too much or I get overwhelmed. Then it seems like I do nothing else but sit at the computer and neglect things/people in my immediate life.

Lynn said...

Well Mother some of the blogs only post once a week or so. I get to all the blogs within the week. I have my little faves I check every day.
I only spend an hour a day checking.
On Meme days I usually only do the meme. But I will check out everyone who comments.

I guess I see everyone's blog posts within three or four tries in a week. On the day I have my brain freeze I try to read everyone's blog because I am kinda paralysed from the waist up and can click the mouse and read

Mandy said...

Hey Lyn congrats on winning that prize, that's great news! I bet you were really excited.

I visit the commentors on my blog, and then when I have a few free days I visit everyone else on my blog list. I can't get around them all, all of the time though.. and some do seem to trail off.. oh well can't keep everyone happy all of the time, right?

Take care and have a great day!
Mandy x